Barnz's Pics 3
David Yeager....long on on humor!
Nothing like getting em started early I always say.  Barnz helps out little Jake Rice put em away.
Barnz, Dandy, and Chance P. Ellis downtown Dallas on Y2K.
Pounders, Keith, and Barnz looking hard in the house that Brady built, the new Houston Texans mega stadium.
Cathy my sis and Fabrizio my new brother-in-law have a moment  with the King after their wedding in Vegas.
Mary Marshall, the "cutest" girl I know.
Bobbi looking good at youth group.
The great fans of the Saskatchewan Roughriders.  Someday I hope to Don a melon on my head at Rider Field.
My girl Katie (right) and her friend Mary throwing out the cheese.
You gotta Pic?
Top:  Barnz, Dandy, and G Bills step with the sound.
Bottom:  Mel Dog, Carrie, Laura,  & Barnz get krunk while G Bills rocks the mic.
Party Time !!