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The local Pittsburgh NBA team is in ruins when the head coach and players walk out due to their horrendous losing streak . The slow but lovable owner doesn't worry, instead takes the idea of the team's ball boy, and has an open tryout to find more players. The catch is they all must be Pisces in order to coincide with the star player's (Moses Guthrie) astrological sign. After selecting nine fresh new faces and hiring the goofy but loyal assistant coach, the team is guided by the stars and the team's official astrologer, Miss Mona Mondieu. The rag tag bunch who look like an on court version of the Village People, run dominant through the league, heading straight to the finals against the best team in the league. The owners evil twin brother has other plans, as he tries to get ownership of the team, so he hires a couple of goons to kidnap Mona. In the final game, there is no Mona to be found, and the stars are aligned against the Pisces until midnight. It's now a race against the clock for the fish in their game and for Mona to reunite with her team. What happens? Well, it's all in the stars.

This movie certainly never won any Oscars, and the acting is tolerable at best, and as far as sports movies go, it's almost passable. The great thing about this movie though is the fun you have watching it. As a kid I didn't care about how ";serious" or "realistic" it was, I only marveled at Dr. J's high flying, was enthralled with the huge afros and late 70's fashions, and electrified by the immeasurable disco soundtrack. All in all, to some a laugher of a basketball movie, but to us fans who have fond memories of it, a classic for the ages.
The Cast
The Pittsburgh Pisces
#35 Moses Guthrie
#22 Jamal Truth
#27 Set Shot Bufford
#42 Reverand Grady Jackson
#33 Jackhammer Washington
#52 Bullet Haines
#24 Joseph "Driftwood" Haney
#46 Winston Runninghawk
#36 Benny Rae
#54 Lenny Rae
Julius "Dr. J" Erving
Julius Carry
Jack Kehoe
Meadowlark Lemon
Jessie Lawrence Ferguson
Malek Abdul Mansour
Peter Isacksen
Branscombe Richmond
Dwayne Mooney
Darryl Mooney
Other Cast
Mona Mondieu
Tyrone Millman
Toby Millman
Harvey/H.S Tilson
Coach George Brockington
Coach Delaney
Lucian Tucker
Harry the Trainer
Murray Sports
Stockard Channing
James Bond III
Margaret Avery
Jonathan Winters
Nicholas Pryor
Flip Wilson
Jerry Chambers
Debbie Allen
Dee Dee Bridgewater
Michael V. Gazzo
Harry Shearer
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Norm Nixon
Connie Hawkins
Bob Lanier
Jerry Tarkanian
Marv Albert
Chick Hearn
The Spinners
The Sylvers
Himself / LA Player
Himself / LA Player
Himself / LA Player
Himself / Detroit Player
LA's Coach
Broadcaster / Voice
PA Announcer / Voice
Church Choir
Halftime Performers
Plus various other NBA players with cameo roles
The Soundtrack
Of course, the best part of the movie is the soundtrack. Whether or not you remember alot about what happens in the movie, the disco sounds that accompanied the players and action in the games is unforgettable. Every song compliments that part of the movie perfectly, and most importantly it's not a bunch of hit songs thrown together, the songs are actually ABOUT the movie. Who can forget Chance of a Lifetime when the open tryouts were held,(Do It, Do It) No One Does It Better; as Moses dunks on the playground for Toby, LA's Theme that brought out the menacing opponents down the lazer strewn tunnel and the tour de force title track that would ring through the Civic Center when the Pisces were making a run. Composer Thom Bell orchestrated truly one of the best soundtracks of all-time.
Moses Theme
Frankie Bleu

Chance Of A Lifetime

The Four Tops

Follow Every Dream

William Hart


Eubie Blake & Thom Bell

Is It Love, Must Be Love

Loretta Lynn & Frankie Bleu
A Theme For LA's Team
Thom Bell Orchestra
featuring Doc Sevrensen

Magic Mona

Phyllis Hyman

Mighty Mighty Pisces

The Sylvers

(Do It, Do It) No One Does It Better

The Spinners

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh

Bell & James
Having searched for the soundtrack for 15 years, I know its a monster to find. The day I found it was one of the most satisfying days of my life, and now I want to pass that joy along to you, the loyal fan. All it takes to get YOUR copy of The Fish soundtrack on a very high quality sounding CD is hook me up with
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Mona let's Truth know that its a shame about the Cancer in his Third House.
The cast gathers for a shot on the last day of shooting.
In sports greatest entrance of all time, the Pisces arrive for the finals against LA through the retractable roof at the Pittsburgh Civic Center in a Hot Air Balloon.
Tucker confronts Moses at the beginning of the movie about being the "Million Dollar Baby."
The Sylvers perform Might Mighty Pisces in the longest halftime in sports history.
New uniforms go with the new name as the team officially becomes the Pittsburgh Pisces
The Pisces and LA battle it out in the last game of the Finals.
Reverand Jackson rebounds in...I mean rejoices in the sacrament of Our Lord.
Magic, Magic Mona
The official theatrical poster and VHS cover.
Knowing your probably just dragging up vague memories of this classic and haven't viewed this movie 100 times like I have, these questions are not too tough and the answers shouldn't be too hard to scrounge back up from your TNT weekend viewings. Answers are at the bottom of the page.




What did Pittsburgh change their name from before they were the Pisces?

What type of car did Moses drive? Color?

What sport did Mona chart for a year before she went into basketball?

What channel did Murray Sports work for?

What was the number of free throws Set Shot claimed on the back of his shirt to have hit in a row?




Who was the team that Pittsburgh played first when the new crew was first assembled?

What were the colors of the Pisces new uniforms?

What trick did Tyrone use to delay the start of the 2nd half of the last game of the Finals?

What was the name of the box The Sylvers came out of to perform at halftime?

What was written on Tucker's chest at the beginning of the movie that he flashed to the bench in the middle of the game?
Did You Know...
-The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh was recently named 75th on a list of alltime greatest sport films.

-When this movie was being filmed in a particular residential section of Pittsburgh, one scene (where Tyrone is going to visit Mona) called for a "red-light" district complete with strip clubs, peep shows, and bordellos. The movie crew set this over night, and when the residents near bye woke up the next morning they flooded the police station with calls wondering what was going on.

-From James Bond III himself:   While trying out against 3000 other kids for the role, Bond was in the restroom when Dr. J came in.   He looked up and said, "You're tall." Doc looked down a little surpirsed and asked "Don't you know who I am?" and Bond had no idea. Later after the shooting was over, Doc signed a pair of his high tops "From Pilot to co-pilot, hit the gas" and gave them to Bond.

-Dr. J's favorite movie is
The Great Escape. The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is second.

-The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
is Philadelphia Eagle's quarterback Donovan McNabb's favorite movie and a favorite of Shaquille O'Neal as well. Shaq has recently said that if he could redo one movie, it would be The Fish.

-Debbie Allen (who makes a cameo in the film as Bullet's newfound girlfriend) did all the choreography for the movie and is also married to Norm Nixon (who was also in the film as an LA player).

-Julius Carry (Jamal Truth) hardly played basketball growing up (which surprises me because he looks to be one of the best legit players on the team, even dunking a few times, in an Arabic headdress no less). He concentrated more on martial arts, which he showed off as the infamous Sho'Nuff in
The Last Dragon.

The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh is called Basket Music in Spain!

-The number 2,036 that is on the back of Set Shots shirt was a former Guiness Book of World Records mark for consecutive free throws.  The man who Set Shot is based after and who held that record is Ted St. Martin who has since increased that record to 5,221.

-The idea for the movie was when writers and producers wanted to naturally mix music and basketball, two of their favorite things.  Coming off their hit
Car Wash, a late night brainstorming session ended up with The Fish!

-Harry Shearer (Murray Sports) starred in
Spinal Tap and does numerous voices on The Simpsons including Mr. Burns, Smithers, Flanders, and Principal Skinner.. (You can hear traces of these voices when he talks in the movie!)

-The promotional tag line on the poster reads "As jocks they were jokes.....the twelve nuttiest, goofiest, spoofiest, singin'est, dancinest players to call themselves a team" (but the team only has 10 players?)
"I left my slave name in the slammer. It's a new day and we're new people and that's the Truth" -- Jamal Truth

(Breaking a pencil) "I keep the end with the point and throw away the end with the eraser. You know what that means? No more mistakes!" -- Coach Brockington

"It's the chemistry you gotta believe in, the Pisces chemistry that will make it all work" -- Tyrone

"I'm gonna stick on him like white on rice....like cold on ice...like stink on sh*t" -- Tucker

"I had to learn to lean and walk on air, and listen to the rhythm inside my body" -- Moses

"It's your dime Bufford, but stand up so the coach can get a good look at you". "I am standing" -- Harry and Set Shot

"The stars don't lie.....I do, but they don't" -- Mona

"Ho..it's WBoss's baby son...the dapper rapper...the ebony whippersnapper, Ho....the rhyme king forever on the scene...Ahh but the next time I see yall I won't be spinnin' sides, I'll be spinnin' ball. So this is Jackhammer....the windjammer...taking a toke......dig my smoke"-- Jackhammer

"You should take a tip from the Lone Ranger....and wear a mask" -- Runninghawk

"Rappin and slappin that's my claim to fame, plus I got a mean B-ball game.....and from the corna....it's a gonna" -- Jackhammer

"The astology thing is just a mirror for us to look into. Our magic is made of sweat, strain, and pride. Now that's what I'm taking back out on the damn court"-- Moses
The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh II ?
No hell hasn't frozen over. I realize a sequel to this movie has as much chance as getting the green light as Breakin' 3, but just for fun I put together a list of who should star in this project if it came about today. No rules, no budget, no hassles, just a wish list of who's who and what changes. Enjoy.
Michael Jordan / Moses Guthrie The ONLY choice, star power, the greatest on the court, and Space Jam experience.

Vince Carter / Jamal Truth
A high flyer, cool, good looking, and yes he's in an Arabic headress in the this one too.

Magic Johnson / Rev. Jackson
Magic's skills are unworldly, Meadowlark's presence and style, and that big smile.

Chris Mullin / Set Shot Bufford
A white grizzled veteran with a crew cut that can drain from outside - Enough said.

Bullet Haines / Ice Cube
Bald, hard, funny facial expressions, has rapped about his court talents.

Jackhammer Washington / Samuel L. Jackson
Veteran who talks alot of smack and looks cool - Perfect.

The rest of the team gets renovated with the following changes:

The Undertaker / Deadwood (in place of Driftwood)
He's not a space cadet this time, but a mean scary intimadator thatis the enforcer inside for the Pisces. The Taker also played college ball at Wichita State, so his skills are legit.

Chamique Holdsclaw / Diamond Jones (In place of the twins)
The twins didn't add a lot to the film so they're bounced in place of the best women's player on the planet. She holds her own with the boys, and idolized by the young lady Pisces fans.

Yao Ming / Dragonhawk (goodbye Runninghawk)
He's 7'6, from China, and already a legend in the making. Gone is the PC incorrect Runninghawk, in is the kung fu outfitted center (with headband) who does Matrix-like moves on would be opponents.

The best of the rest:

Magic Mona / Ali Landry -
Former Miss America and Doritos girl, she's astrologically in control in her tight sexy outfits.

The Tilsons / Bill Murray -
Who better to be the funny dimwit and backstabbing owner brothers? A comic genius.

Coach Brockington / Steve Buscemi -
The best character actor in Hollywood throwing tantrums on the sideline. You bet.

Tyrone Millman / Frankie Muniz -
Malcom in the Middle star is the best young talent in Hollywood.

Toby Millman / Halle Berry -
Supernova hot, great for Jordans love interest and is half white to clean up the Tyrone connection.

Harry the Manager / James Gammon -
Need a scratchy, burly, hairy guy so I'll take coach Lou Brown from Major League.
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When is the DVD coming out? I get that all the time and I wish I only knew.  I have had the chance to talk to some of the people involved with the movie, but nobody has an answer.  Lets just keep our fingers crossed and pray that someday it will come. If it did come out, I would want to see: **5.1 digital stereo to blast the soundtrack **1:85 WideScreen anamorphic version fully restored **Commentary by Dr. J **behind the scenes footage **Making Of.. **deleted scenes and outtakes (especially more of Doc on the playground and extended tryouts) and **still galleries of the cast and art of the movie.  **Maybe even a trailer for my FTSP 2!
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