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Mark Christensen:
Biodiversity Offsets – An Overview of Selected Recent Developments: New Zealand – Where to from here?

Jorge Cabrera Medaglia:
Biodiversity for (Bio)Technology under the Convention on Biological Diversity : Bioprospecting partnership in practice

Jorge Cabrera Medaglia:
Elementos basicos para la negociacion de contratos de bioprospeccion

Jorge Cabrera Medaglia:
La propuesta Costarricense de sistema sui generis para la proteccion de los derechos del fitomejorador a la luz de la OMC y las negociaciones del CAFTA

Maria Julia Oliva and Simonetta Zarrilli:
WTO Panel Report on the "EC-Biotech" Case: Considerations for Trade and Development

Ana Rachel Teixeira-Mazaudoux:
Protection des savoirs traditionnels associés aux ressources genetiques : cadre juridique international

Tran Thi Huong Trang:
Legislation on Genetic Resources Conservation in Vietnam

Climate Change and Energy

Stephen Keim:
Environmental Law Challenges of Climate Change

Stephen Keim:
Re Xstrata Coal Pty. Ltd. and Others: a Talking Point Case

A. F. M. Maniruzzaman (click here for new contact details):
Environment and Sustainable Energy Development in the Asia-Pacific Region

Published in: International Energy Law and Taxation Review, No.2, 2003, p. 37-44 (copyright Sweet and Maxwell)

Lily Mathews and Paul Curnow, Baker & McKenzie:
RELaw Assist : Renewable Energy Law in China : Issues Paper

Richard L. Ottinger:
Biofuels – Potential, Problems & Solutions

Richard L. Ottinger and Adrian J. Bradbook:
UNEP Handbook for Drafting Laws on Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Resources

Environmental Governance

Louise Camenzuli:
The development of International Law at the Multilateral Environmental Agreement COPs and its validity

Parvez Hassan:
Environmental Protection, Rule of Law and the Judicial Crisis in Pakistan

Stephen Keim:
Development Approvals under Commonwealth Legislation

Veit Koester:
The Compliance Committee of the Aarhus Convention : An Overview of Procedures and Jurisprudence
Published in: Environmental Policy and Law, Volume 37(2-3), 2007, p. 83-96

Paule Jessie Nanfah:
L’evaluation environnementale dans la mise en ouvre des conventions internationales

Benjamin J. Richardson:
Do the Fiduciary Duties of Pension Funds Hinder Socially Responsible Investment?

Benjamin J. Richardson:
Protecting Indigenous Peoples through Socially Responsible Investment
Published in: Indigenous Law Journal, Volume 6(1), Fall, 2007: 1-30

Protected Areas

Diego Méndez Macías:
Las áreas protegidas privadas: una estrategia para el desarrollo sustentable


William L. Andreen:
Motivating Enforcement: Institutional Culture and the Clean Water Act
(The article was published in the Pace Environmental Law Review and is reprinted with permission; copyright 2007 Pace Environmental Law Review)

Erik B. Bluemel:
The Implications of Formulating a Human Right to Water

Mario Peña Chacón:
Daño responsabilidad y reparacion ambiental

Mario Peña Chacón:
Gestion integrada del recurso hídrico en la legislacion costarricense

Mario Peña Chacón:
Tutela juridica de los ecosistemas de humedal

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Principles and Concepts in International Environmental Law

I. Introduction
Weblinks: International Environmental Law - providing links to treaties, cases and other information on international environmental law

International Environment Bibliography - provided by Mark Zacher of the University of British Columbia

IUCN Draft International Covenant on Environment and Development - offers a proposal for a universally binding treaty to cover environment and development issues

II. Principles Shaping Global Environmental and Development Policy
Exclusive Economic Zone - provides text to Articles 55-75 of the United Nations Convention of the Law of the Sea providing for sovereign rights

Declaration on the Right to Development - stating that the human right to development includes the full realization of the right of peoples to self-determination and all human beings have a responsibility for development

World Bank Environmental Economics and Indicators - lists resources and initiatives on various environmental topics and provides links to the World Development Indicators 2000 and to other sites containing relevant data

The Moon Treaty - stating that the exploration and use of the moon shall be the province of all mankind and shall be carried out for the benefit and in the interests of all countries

Preamb le to the Convention on Biological Diversity - affirming that the conservation of biological diversity is a common concern of humankind

Corfu Channel Case (Merits) - providing a summary of the merits of the case between the United Kingdom and Albania, addressing the issue of the general obligation not to cause harm

International Law Commission: State Responsibility - describing the studies undertaken to establish requirements for State liability

Protecting Biodiversity for Future Generations: An Argument for a Constitutional Amendment - asserting that a valuable guiding principle upon which a constitutional amendment to protect biological diversity for future generations could be based is intergenerational equity

Climate Change Convention: Article 3 - asking developed countries to take the lead in combating climate change and its effects, while giving full consideration to the needs and special circumstances of disproportionately burdened developing countries

Precautionary Principle Links - providing links to information on the various uses of the precautionary principle

Bamako Convention - provides for the general obligations of the Convention to include the adoption of precautionary measures

lang=EN-US>Australian Environmental Impact Assessment Network - contains information on environmental impact assessment (EIA) and its processes within Australia

E.U. Environmental Policy: Adapting to the Principle of Subsidiarity - a brief summary of the origins of the subsidiarity principle in the E.U. and its implications in the context of the three main challenges facing E.U. environmental policy in the new millenium

Charter of the United Nations: Article 1 - includes Article 1.3, which requires States to cooperate in addressing international issues

Moon Treaty: Article 2 - establishes that all activities on the moon shall be carried out in accordance particularly with the Declaration on Principles of Intenational Law concerning Friendly Relations and Co-operation Among States

Toward an Environmental Protection Regime for the Gulf of Aqaba - proposing the Mediterranean Action Plan as a potential model for a Gulf of Aqaba Environmental Protection Regime, which has established mechanisms to resolve environmental disputes but to date, these mechanisms have not proven necessary as disputes have usually been preempted through prior notification projects or negotiated on amicable terms

Convention on the Transboundary Effects of Industrial Accidents - includes the preamble, underlining the principles of international law and custom, in particular the principle of non-discrimination

International Environmental Law in German Courts - raises the question of how far the influence of the non-discrimination principle goes whereby discrimination of Germany's own nationals is forbidden in a comparable situation

The Nordic Environmental Protection Convention - introducing in Article 3 a regime for citizens in the Nordic countries to assert their rights against transfrontier environmental nuisances

European Union Council Directive 96/61/EC Concerning Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control - acts in compliance with the polluter pays principle andthe principle of pollution prevention

European Parliament and European Union Council Directive 94/62/EC On Packaging and Packaging Waste - states that it essential that all those involved in the production, use, import and distribution of packaging and packaged products become more aware of the extent to which packaging becomes waste and that in accordance with the polluter-pays principle, they accept responsibility for such waste

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