For immediate release:

Jen Ko, Someday Cafe, 617.623.3323, somedaycafe@mail.com
J.S.Holland, 502.582.1674, jshpaint@yahoo.com

"Fragments of the 20th Century: paintings by Jeffrey
Scott Holland"

Someday Cafe
51 Davis Square
Somerville, MA 02144-2908

Opening reception:
December 29, 2004
4pm to 7pm

The exhibit hangs until January 23.


JEFFREY SCOTT HOLLAND, luddite painter from Kentucky,
brings his primitive visions to Massachusetts, with
"Fragments of the 20th Century", an exhibit of recent
small paintings.

"The twentieth century will eventually be seen as the
most important period in human history", says Holland.
"All of humanity took a quantum leap during the last
100 years, and my artwork encompasses it all, from
Jazz to the industrial revolution to the Yippies to
the internet. I am a child of the 20th century and
want no part of the 21st."  His anti-technology stance 
is a major part of the backdrop for his neo-expressionist 
folk-art paintings.

Among the luminaries depicted in the show: Beat icon 
Jack Kerouac, blues pioneer Robert Johnson, Jazz rebel 
Miles Davis,  and Somerville's own Pagan Kennedy. Clowns, 
a frightening subject for some, are also a recurring 
theme in his work, as is Krampus, an Austrian devil 
character closely related to the Santa Claus myth.

Holland's work has exhibited in New York, Los Angeles,
Paris, and London, but this marks the first time his
art has been seen in Massachusetts. 

He recently appeared in the film "Twisted Illusions
2", and his book, "Invisible Topography", is slated
for release in summer 2005.