Famous Aussie Lingo


On this page you will find some of the famous Australian Slang Words and what they really mean.

Aussie = Australia

Aussie's = Australian People

Oz = Australia

Mate = Friend, Pal, Buddy

Ya = You

Lingo = Language, Sayings

Jackaroo = Trainee male cattle station hand.

Jillaroo = Trainee female cattle station hand.

Billabong = Waterhole. Also an Australian clothing label for surf wear.

Bush Telegraph = The town gossip network.

Holden = Australia's own car. The most popular car driven and admired by Australian people.

Matilda = Sleeping bag

Swag = Small canvas bag held by a stick over the shoulder.

Tuckerbag = Small bag used for storing food in the bush.

Digger = Australian Soldier.

Jumbuck = Sheep. Refer to the Australian song, "Waltzing Matilda".

Cooee = A call used in the outback/bush for calling someone far away.

Bush Telly or Television = Looking up at the stars.

Quid = Money. Usual context "Got to work to make a quid".

Ripper = Good, Terrific, Awesome. "You little ripper" is the usual context meaning "You little beauty".

Arvo = Afternoon

Battler = A person who has worked hard all their lives without success

Mozzie = Mosquito (Small insect)

Prang = Car accident, Traffic incident. "Pranged the car".

Stroppy = Irritable, Annoyed.

Ace = Excellent

Agro = Aggravated person. Argumentative.

Elbow Grease = Hard work. "Put a little muscle into it" while cleaning or scrubbing something.

Basket Case = Someone on the verge of having a nervous breakdown. Mental case.

Cossies = Swimming costume. Bathers. Togs. Speedo's for men.

Spud = Potato

Have a squiz = Have a look at something.

Strewth = Shocked at something. Also Stone the flamin crows is sometimes said.

Blowies = Blow files. Small insects.

Bludger = Lazy person. Often unemployed not wanting to work.

Cake Hole = Mouth

Chinwag = Have a good talk about something.

Pushbike = Bicycle

Knackered = Exhausted, Extremely tired.

Lippy or Lippie = Lipstick.

Pothole = Hole in the road.

Liquid Amber = Beer

Raining cats and dogs = Heavy storm and rain.

Sparky = Electrician.

Righto = Okay

Sanger = Sandwich.

Shack = Dwelling or small house.

Shonky = Unreliable, Suspecting.

Hard Yakka = Hard Work.

Catch some Z's = Sleep.




G'day = Is an Australian word for Hello, Hi, etc. Although the word is quite famous and solely linked to Aussies, it is not used as often as people think. Mostly people living in the country use this word, but usually, in the city, hello or hi is used. The word is usually linked with the word "Mate". "G'day mate, how's it going?" is the usual context. 

Fair Dinkum = Honest, True. Usually used in a question. "Is that fair dinkum?" is the usual context.

Galah = Dill, Drongo, Fool, Idiot. Also a native parrot.

Journo = Journalist.

Kark It = To die. Kick the bucket. "He's karked it".

Larriken = Lout, Trouble Maker, Hooligan.

Shiela = Girl, Woman

Bloke = Man, Guy, Boy

Ta or Cheers. = Thankyou.

Tinny = A can of beer

BYO = Bring your own. Usually referring to "Bring your own alcohol at parties and BBQ's.

Beaut = Wonderful, Great, Terrific.

Buckley's = None, Zero, Nil. "You have Buckley's chance" is the usual context.

Hooray = Goodbye or a word for Cheering.

Maccas = McDonald Restaurant

Tucker = Food

Postie = Postman, Mailman.

Trannie = Small transistor radio.

Footy = Football. Rugby, Aussie Rules etc.

Garbo = Garbage Collector.

Gasbag = Talk a lot.

Brumby = A wild horse.

Whoop Whoop = Middle of nowhere. A fabricated town. "Going to whoop whoop".

Back of Burke = Middle of nowhere.

Durry = Cigarette, Fag. 

Give it a Bash = Give it a go. Try something.

Bindy or Bindie or Bindy Eye = Found in grass in the summer time. Little prickly like thorns.

Blimey = Surprised, Shocked.

Pub = Place to drink alcohol, Waterhole, Club, Hotel.

Booze = Alcohol, Grog.

Middy = 285 ml Beer served in NSW. 

Schooner = Large Beer Glass

Slab = Box of 24 beers.

Pot = 285 ml Beer (VIC & QLD)

The pot calling the kettle black = Some-one said something adverse about you and you reply with this slang phrase (which says that they are the same or worse than their statement.

Booze Bus = Random breath testing station.

Dead Set = Without a doubt. Absolutely.

Dodgy = Cannot be trusted. Suspicious.

Donkey's Years = Ages, A long time.

Things are crook in Musselbrook = Things are bad. Times are tough.

Lag = Dob, Inform. Tell someone what someone else has done.

Tuckshop = Canteen or cafeteria.

Two up = Traditional Aussie heads and tails coin gambling game. Traditionally played on Australia Day. (Jan 26th)

Wally = Someone who keeps making mistakes.

Wharfie = Person who works on the Docks.

Wonky = Something that is unstable. Rickety.

Zonked = Really tied.



Av-a-go = (Have a go). Usually used in sport as in "Av-a-go ya mug" meaning to give it a try.

Barbie = Barbeque, also known as BBQ to mean cooking in the outdoors.

Chook = Chicken, Hen, or sometimes old ladies are referred as 'chooks'.

Dunny = Toilet, Loo, Lavatory

Esky = Container for keeping drinks and food chilled while picnicking or having a BBQ.

Iron Out = To be knocked unconscious, usually in a fist fight.

Oo'Roo = Goodbye, See ya later.

Plonk = Cheap or inferior wine.

Quack = Doctor. Usual context "I'm off to the quack".

Crook = Sick, Ill, or something isn't functioning correctly.

Wakka = Fool, Drongo, Idiot

Burl = Try, "Give it a burl" meaning "Give it a try".

D & M = Deep and Meaningful

Grouse = Wonderful, Cool (Word used mostly in Melbourne)

Choice = Wonderful, Awesome, Cool (Word used mostly in Sydney)

True Blue = Genuine, The Real Deal.

She'll be Apples = Everything will be fine.

Ay? or Eh? = Pardon?, Excuse me?

Oi or Oy = Aussie bush call. Getting someone's attention.

Beating around the Bush = Not getting to the point of a story. Taking your time.

Beer O' Clock = Time to drink a beer.

Better Half = Referring to your husband or wife.

Earbashing = Someone talking for a long time. "Giving you an earbashing".

Bluey = Nickname for people with red hair.

Boomer = Kangaroo

Codswallop = Load of nonsense.

Compo = Workers Compensation.

Cream Someone = To beat someone in sport.

Doodah = Item of which you are unsure of it's name.

Dork = Idiot, Fool

Kafuffle = Disturbance, Argument.

Kindy = Kindergarten

Kip = Short rest or sleep. Nap.

Knock off time = Time to cease work for the day.

Milk Bar = Corner shop that sells assorted items. Place to pick up milk, bread and newspapers quickly.

Off the beaten track = Road that leads to nowhere.

Off Sider = Assistant

Smoko = Short break while at work.

Snag = Sausage.

Road Train = Multi Trailer Truck, usually driven in the Outback.

Great Australian Salute = Shooing or swatting flies.

Sacked = Been fired from your job. 

Thingamajig = Item you cannot actually remember the name of.

Thingemebob = Item you cannot actually remember the name of.

Uni = University.

Ute = Utility Truck.

Vegies = Vegetables.   

Wag = Skip school. Truant.

Laid off or Walking Ticket =
Been fired or sacked from your place of work.

Yacking or Yapping = Talking a lot.

Zebra Crossing = Pedestrian Crossing.