Tards. 5 September 2003 CE 8:39pm
The rising of the dead

It takes a lot to drag me out of my lazy habits of not posting. That said, I'm not recapping summer events, we're going straight to the ranting.

Fanfiction.net has successfully created a new circle of hell. There is now a Matantei Loki Ragnarok section. Having spent quite some time avoiding any real fandom participation, my friends and I all saw this and went "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" and then being the masochists we are, we went back and read stuff. For a first true fandom encounter this type of action is something similar to learning about fire by diving into the sun. However, we have survived, and Puu and I have a list of complaints:
1. First off, the mythology in the series is VERY accurate. In order to fill in gaps in characterization and history it is possible to go to the traditional sources for Norse mythology rather than making things up.
2. The fans tend to call the series Malora or MaLoRa. The first sounds like a tropical disease (that you would get from a monkey's butt Ish adds), the second sounds like some aZn kiddie's screenname.
3. There is some desire to give Loki a surname. He never introduces himself as anything other than Loki or "a detective." One author goes so far as to cite that in the manga he calls himself "Jashin Loki" and "Jashin translates to trickster god." This is true, but the information is being taken out of context. Loki is not saying "My name is Jashin Loki," he's complaining about Odin's treatment of him and it's more along the lines of "You can't do this to me, I'm the trickster god Loki!" Loki does not have a surname. Alternatively, Narugami only ever gives a surname.
4. WTF IS WITH ALL THE LOKI/HEIMDALL? Heimdall's only desires towards Loki involve murder, or at least making him miserable. Loki only really pays attention to Heimdall when Heimdall's being a pest or trying to kill him. They're DREAD ENEMIES, not rivals, so it's not rival slash even. Assuming they did overcome their deep and murderous hatred, they both still know the prophecy regarding the fact that they're going to KILL EACH OTHER at Ragnarok. The only characters I could possibly see Loki paired with are Mayura, Reiya, Freya, Skuld, and possibly Yamino (because of Yamino's father complex). Heimdall on the other hand is too obsessive-compulsive to ever get together with anyone. Loki/Heimdall, or vice versa isn't happening.
5. THERE IS NO PORN. What is an archive of badfic induced pain without BAD SEX TO FURTHER TORMENT US?
On the good side...well, Freyr seems to be pretty much in character most of the time. And there aren't any engrish fics yet.

It takes more than just badfic to drag me back though. I got volume 1 of Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicle today. That's the new Clamp series with all the wanktastic crossovers. It bothers me. It seems like I could like it because the plot has a definite direction and the crossovers are kind of silly, but I'm not dealing well with the main characters. The manga stars Shaoran basically. But he's not the same Shaoran as from CCS. He's not really that different, but he's not quite the same. For the other crossover characters it doesn't bother me so much because they're there, and then gone. I guess it just seems to me that instead of using an alternate universe version of Shaoran they could have just created someone new for the lead character. I feel that they're dragging half this series along on the popularity of stuff they've done in the past rather than doing the work.

Image this time is Edogawa Conan from Meitantei Conan. I like his "OMG you're a TARD" expression.
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