He is mostly known as an actor but he also is the lead singer of an Australian Band called 30 Odd foot of Grunts.
In both his professions, he gives excellent performances and is admired by a lot of people.
In this site, you will find information about the man, about the actor and about the singer. I also included a news page, a  picture gallery and links to other sites about him as well as the links for his band's site.

Visit often to get the latest news about Russell and about Thirty Odd Foot Of Grunts. This site is updated frequently.
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Russell Crowe :  The man
A short biography.

Russell Crowe :  The actor
His career, from his TV débuts to his upcoming projects.

Russell Crowe :  The singer
Information about his band as well as about his music.

The Wedding
All there is to know about his wedding day

Charles Spencer Crowe
His son  Coming Soon

Photo Gallery

Message Board

*** The information you will find here as been collected by myself over the internet and in magazines. Any false information would be involuntary and would be corrected as soon as reported***
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