Ohayo minna-chan! When I went though my website to clear out some dead links, I didn't realize how many there were! The hosted fanfic and lemon sections have become almost empty! Writers out there, please send your fanfics over this way! I've actually gotten better at updating and such, and I would love to host your fanfics here! Email them at with the title, summary, and fic as a file, and I'll be sure to get them up as soon as work leaves me alone. (Minna-chan, working at Starbucks is not all its cracked up to be ^_^;;) Anyway, I'm really working hard on a new fic, and hope to have it put up soon! One more thing; SEND IN FANART! I would love to host some more! See you next update! Ja ne!
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November 14, 2004
Kasey's Fanfics
This is where I keep my finished fanfics, or ones that I plan to write. Please come in, relax, and don't mind the chibi bishonen running around. ^_^
Hosted Fanfics
This is where I keep all the fanfics that people have been so nice to let me host. Come in and check them out!
Lemon Fanfics
This section is only for people who like this sort of thing. If you don't like it, then don't enter.
Not a lot is in this section yet, but come in and look anyway. If you want your art hosted, then email it to me and I'll be more then happy to put it up!
Kasey's Lemons
This is where I keep the lemons I write. Come in and tell me what you think of them!! (UPDATED!)
Minna-san, please click on these banners. I know alot of you hate to but I would really love you for it if you could! Arigato!!
Just so I don't get sued, here's the boring old disclaimer: All the anime on this page are not owned by me. They are owned by whoever owns them. I'm not making any money off this so please don't sue me! I'm just a very VERY loyal fan! ^_^
Bishonen and Bishoujo
Check out the Bishonen and Bishouji I've caught here!! (CLOSED)
Anime Character Kitties
I found an awsome site, and it had the cutest kitties in the world!! See what I mean and check it out!! (CLOSED)
In here are some of my favorite sites. If you would like your site put up here, email it to me and I'll be sure to put it up.
This is my main email address. If you would like to tell me how you like my fanfics or anything else in my site, then email me. I LOVE getting feedback!!
Please visit my other site!
The World of Mobile Suit Gundam
Anime Lyrics
Here I am putting up lyrics of anime, game, and j-pop music I have collected over the past two years off of Kazaa and Bearshare. Enjoy! (COMING SOON)
Favorite Bishonen of All Time
This is a group of my favorite bishonen. It'll be long, so be warned! (PAGE 2 UP!)
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