Tabletop RPG & Creator Environment KATARIBE - Essence page on GEOCITIES

Tabletop RPG & Creator Environment KATARIBE - Essence page on GEOCITIES

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KATARIBE is tabletop RPG. It was designed by FURUTANI Shunichi who is a game site publisher of Japan (RPG Portal from Japan).KATARIBE first version was published 1993. This one stands out as Online Published Pen and Pencil RPG in Japanese (and Korea).

Its features are incremental character making , non-CP , rule-data to reflect character story. Player can weigh the advantages of choosing success rate or level-of-result.

KATARIBE information of English is Official Page.

This site was information of KATARIBE. That is online published TRPG by sf (alias FURUTANI Shun-ichi). KATARIBE is written by Japanese language. English edition is gone making.

Essence Guide

concept and a design policy are to support incremental game-data of character background/personality by playing prosses. It is not used "dice rolled character makeing" or "skill/ability/attribute buy cost point".

Game master is contest action by player call base result and difficulty of result and process .

KATARIBE Version 4 Terminology

Power ( Riki-ryou )
Player can designate your character to produce effect. Your character is capable of doing something. Power is include skill and ability and attribute .
You can named and leveled character's power within World law and Max level .
Example) ESP:12 , "Extraordinary Strength":14 , Fencing:10 , "Digest of Spirit":15 , "Song of Madness":13 , "Strange Luck":17 , "Controller of Robot":12 , Regeneration:14 , Mad-Doctor:15 , "English literacy":8 , "Anime Mania":11 , "Ghost Power":13 , etc.
Energy ( Yo-ryoku )
It is cost of reroll. If Max Power level is 13 then Energy Max and Energy initial value is 15 .
Force ( i-ryoku )
It is strength level of result. And it is the difficulty for a resistance person.
If (Power - Force) < 2d6 is failure. You can reroll , Energy = Energy - 1 . If you succeed , Player-called result realize within Force level .
Specific( toku-sei )
It is level of uniqueness. It works automatically. Specific is include feat and ability and attribute .
Depending on the situation , Power level add plus or minus Specific.
Example) Muscle-bound:1 , "Perfect Pitch":2 , "Hometown was Tokyo":3 , "Japanese Citizen":3 , "High school Student":1 , Tall:1 , Handsome:2 , "Loud Bark":1 , Stateless:2
World law
World Designer can limit Power's and Specific's.

Resolution Procedure Ver.4-simple


KATARIBE is generic system. There are many worlds.





It is translationed software , and old version.

This site was established to offer to the target and include the information of KATARIBE relation that is creation TRPG by sf (alias FURUTANI Shun-ichi).

Although they are rule that KATARIBE was prepared in 1993 the concept and a design policy put at present and even when it is the thing of an innovation greatly self-confident be. Being doing character preparation that combined to the image and be flexible to possibility, by ignoring a small physical difference that tend to be esteemed with usual rule it is becoming it handles it with rule that unified a psychological/social action other than a physics battle system. These are the binding/appearance person such mechanism that facilitates that plays and turn into numerical simply, in the outlook on the world that did your made or, borrow the outlook on the world such as a novel and animation.

Moreover, giving necessity that carries out to an all-purpose character even role share between a programmable controller, by a remaining power system of the compromise of a hero point and fatigue point that are easy to wear out as the deed determination rule, a character that carry out the selecting of a success rate and success degree by a player take an active part restraint of the inflation of the capability that tend to be in a rule-less session is becoming possible to be done.

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