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Treed Dragon by Spooky

By Spooky

Well, Here it is, my tribute to my life... Well, acctually its more of my place to ramble and bitch about my life, but hell, same difference.

Who, you ask is Katy? well, I'm me. I'm like any other semi normal person, I work full time (at a gas station, badly i might add). I randomly quote rancid monkees eppisodes and Jack O'Neill, and defend my honor afterward, when its obligitorily questioned. I rarely make sense. I manage three websites, including this one. I hate repeating myself. I rarely make sense. I pick endlessly on my best friend and coauthor, Andrea (psychogirl). I buy cheesy movies buy the gallon. I barely make rent, but still manage to keep the net and my phone bill paid up. Wait, make that just the phone bill. I fish for my guppies in their little aquarium with oreo cookies. I rarely make sense. I occasionally skim through my 5000 emails from the four different mailing groups i belong to, deleting most of them. I procrastinate, elaborate, alienate, and just plain piss ppl off with my talking. and have I mentioned, I rarely make sense.

Pern...and other such draconic nonsense

Links...to places you don't want to go

Pictures...God never intended you to see

Ranting is good for the soul...of ones shoe

Movies for the masses...of psychos out there

A life less ordinary...or maybe more ordinary then most

When In Doubt... abort, retry, or ignore

Questions? Comments? Wishes to hurt me? Drop me a line Flames will be summarily ignored along with porn

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Artwork by my older sis Spooky.
All other graphics are stolen. If I've borrowed something of yours and your mad, tell me, I'll take it down. If you want to borrow something by Spooky, ask and ye shall recieve.