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Weather devastation in Kalam valley in winter 2005
By Muhammad Zaman Sagar

First time in recent history the people in Kalam Tehsil have faced this kind of a hardship. In 1991 the road was closed for over 30 days, but this time the road remained blocked for 41 days. The avalanches came on places where the people did not expect to see them. Many people died during this winter and many more were injured. Many houses were destroyed by an avalanche or a heavy burden of snow on their roofs.

The people suffered because the road was blocked and there was a lot of snow all over the area that made communications and distribution of household goods very difficult. In Kalam proper the snow was measured to be more then 15 feet. In Gabral/ Utrore the measurement was around 25 feet the same as in Ushu valley.

The weather devastation started on 21st of December 2004, when an avalanche came down on some people in Pisal near Matiltan. Four people were buried inside the snow and ice. Later their bodies were taken out.

Same thing happened in Chorat on February 11, 2005, Muhammad Nawab, his son and wife along with seven other people died under an avalanche that fell on their houses.

In Buyun on the same day Malik Shahzada, his wife and three other people died when an avalanche fell on their house. The worse case happened in Khilgal near Ijgal on Mahodand road in Ushu valley, where 17 people of a family along with three other people died when an avalanche buried their houses. Only a few people were rescued alive after they had suffered serious injuries. These survivors were taken by the government helicopter to Saidu Sharif for treatment. Theses incidentshappenings took place on same day and same time on February 11, 2005, between 10:30 AM and 11:300 AM.

The following is the list of houses that were damaged and of the people who died and injured because of the heavy snow fall and avalanches in Kalam valley during the winter 2005.

The people who died

Khilgal, Matiltan

1-     Pashum Khan s/o Dilaram

2-     Rehmat Gul s/o Pashum Khan

3-     Ahmad Gul s/o Pashum Khan

4-     Raza Khan s/o Sherin

5-     Wife of Raza Khan

6-     Musa Umar s/o Raza Khan

7-     Said Umar s/o Raza Khan

8-     Samina Bibi d/o Raza Khan

9-     Rubina Bibi d/o Raza Khan

10- Sarina Bibi d/o Raza Khan

11- Wali Rehman s/o Dalai Khan

12- Sani Gul s/o Dalai Khan

13- Muhammad Nawaz

14- Gul Rehman

15- Wazir Gul

16- Hazrat Bibi

17- Wife of Musafar Shah

18- Khalil s/o Shoban

19- Khozu s/o Mama

Buyun, Kalam

1-     Malik Shehzada s/o Narang Shah

2-     Hasham Jehan w/o Malik Shehzada

3-     Bibi Maimoona d/o Abdur Rehman

4-     Abida d/o Shah Nawab

5-     Wahida d/o Shah Nawab

Chorat, Matiltan

1-     Muhammad Nawab s/o Laal Khan

2-     Muhammad Nawaz s/o Muhammad Nawab

3-     Gul Nigar w/o Muhammad Nawab

4-     Sherin Jan s/o Mian Jan

5-     Haji Dilawar Khan s/o Miryamoon

6-     Hazrat Wali s/o Arsal

7-     Zafar Ali s/o Hazrat Wali

8-     Fazal Amin s/o Hazrat Wali


1-     Nazar Gul s/o Imam Gul

The people who are injured

Khilgal, Matiltan

1-     Wife of Pashum Khan

2-     Dalai Khan s/o Sherin

3-     Dilaram s/o Sherin

4-     Wife of Dalai Khan

5-     Daughter of Musafar Shah

6-     Madar Khan s/o Haji Bilal

7-     Wife of Dilaram

Lower Mutli

1-     Haji Janas Khan s/o Zahir Shah

Chorat, Matiltan

1-     Mian Jan s/o Hassan

2-     Wife of Hazrat Wali

3-     Hazrat Deedar s/o Saifullah

4-     Ghulam Rabbi s/o Maasoom Khan

Paloga, Matiltan

1-     Abdul Wadood s/o Qudrat Ali

2-     Musafar Shah s/o Hazrat Ali

3-     Shah Nawab s/o Musafar Shah

4-     Muhammad Said Khan s/o Musafar Shah

Dorga, Matiltan

1-     Samiullah

2-     Wife of Samiullah

3-     Taighoon Shah s/o Inayatullah

Buyun, Kalam

1-     Taj Mina w/o Shah Nawab

2-     Nurul Hadi s/o Habib Gul

3-     Zar Gul s/o Habib Gul


1-     Amir Nawab s/o Kabul Khan

Following is the list of damaged houses

Khilgal, Matiltan

1-     Dilaram s/o Sherin

2-     Raza Khan s/o Sherin

3-     Dalai Khan s/o Sherin

4-     Pashum Khan s/o Dilaram

5-     Madar Khan s/o Haji Bilal

6-     Deedar Gul s/o Haji Banai


1-     Sher Zaman s/o Gulot

2-     Gul Didar s/o Akram Khan

3-     Nosherwan s/o Akram Khan

Lower Mutli, Ushu

1-     Sherzada s/o Bacha Gul

2-     Fazal Rehman s/o Panday Khan

3-     Gul Bacha s/o Gul Sher

4-     Jahanzeb s/o Abdul Mateen

5-     Hazrat Muhammad s/o Molvi Fazal Noor

6-     Hazrat Ali s/o Molvi Fazal Noor

Chorat, Matiltan

1-     Muhammad Nawab s/o Laal Khan

2-     Abdur Razaq s/o Shehbaz

3-     Hazrat Wali s/o Arsal

4-     Hazrat Nabi s/o Said Bacha

5-     Haji Dilawar Khan s/o Miryamoon

6-     Haji Rozi Khan s/o Sarmast

7-     Abdul Saboor s/o Arsala Khan

8-     Sher Muhammad s/o Malakay

9-     Muhammad Amin s/o Taighoon Shah

10- Hazrat Deedar s/o Saifullah

11- Mubarak Shah s/o Shahi Room Khan

12- Khushal Khan s/o Darwesh

13- Gul Faqir s/o Rushtullah

Dorgah, Matiltan

1-     Samiullah


1-     Hujat s/o Kabir

Pisal, Matiltan

1-     Abdul Jalil s/o Banaras Khan

2-     Inam Shah s/o Mubarak Shah

3-     Khushal s/o Said Jalal

4-     Nawab s/o Charagh

5-     Punjab Khan s/o Asif Khan

6-     Sher Zada s/o Narang Shah

7-     Sher Gul

8-     Muhammad Zada s/o Aba Gul

9-     Rahim Khan s/o Hamza Khan

10- Rustam Khan s/o Mirshot

11- Umar Daraz s/o Ajab Khan

12- Mubarak Shah s/o Faqir

13- Miskeen s/o Faqir

14- Shah Nazar Khan s/o Raj Gul

15- Ghazan Khan s/o Noor Hayat

16- Shah Rehman s/o Bacha Gul

17- Jandool s/o Zarot


1-     Haroon s/o Kolai Molvi

Buyun, Kalam

1-     Azim Khan s/o Barkat Shah

2-     Rehmat Faqir s/o Muhammad Wazir

3-     Mujeebullah s/o Muheebullah

4-     Gul Rehman s/o Jandool

5-     Haji Amir Nawab s/o Asmatullah

6-     Sher Bahdur s/o Sawal Faqir

7-     Musafir Shah s/o Mehboob Shah

8-     Meer Zada s/o Umar Malik

9-     Hazrat Gul s/o Juma Gul

10- Miangul s/o Safar Malook

11- Shehbaz s/o Dilawar Khan

12- Noshad Khan s/o Umar Malik

13- Dunya Khan s/o Jamal

14- Sher Bahadur s/o Dunya Khan

15- Jandool s/o Rajab

16- Muhammad Saqeeq s/o Chari Gul

17- Shahjehan s/o Juma Gul

18- Chari Gul s/o Dalai Khan

19- Akhtar Gul s/o Jandool Khan

20- Inzar Gul s/o Jandool

21- Shafiullah s/o Rafiullah

22- Naseeb Gul s/o Banaras Khan

23- Bakht Muhammad s/o Zarai Khan

24- Banaras Khan s/o Ibrahim

25- Nizamuddin s/o Dilaram Khan

26- Habib Khan s/o Umar Shah

27- Fazal Muhammad s/o Shehzada Malik

28- Hazrat Gul s/o Juma Gul


1-     Small Hydro Power House Faqir Abad, Matiltan

2-     Small Hydro Power House Hayat Abad, Matiltan

3-     Small Hydro Power House Serai, Matiltan

4-     Small Hydro Power House Kot, Matiltan

5-     Small Hydro power house Pisal, Matiltan

6-     Small Hydro power house Khilgal, Matiltan

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