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             The Side Quests, one of the best things that will probably come along in this RPG and will get you some money for some much needed items. These are small things from helping out some of our locals to helping small villages with mnster problems. There are only a few things going on right now but they pay pretty good. Next to each one, it will say if it is either a fighting or Role Playing quest and how many people can do it at a time, what level of difficulty it is, along with how much it pays.

Availiable Side-Quests:

* Yamcha's New Girl*~*- Role Playing (2 People)  Pay: $2,500
Description: Yamcha is in some deep shi-o-t with Bulma and dumps her. He wants a new girl and he wants your help finding a good one. I wonder what Puar thinks...
Difficulty Level: Easy

Yajirobi's Diet*~*- Role Playing and Fighting (1-3 People) Pay: $1,000
Description: Korrin(The little cat guy) is tired of Yajirobi coming around and eating all the food and it's your job to watch him and make sure he's not cheating on it.
Difficulty Level: Very Easy

Missing Lizards *~*- Fighting (1-4 People)  Pay: $7,500
Description: The forest people in the southern jungles are worried, all the Messenger Dragons have disappeared and they think that the Red Ribbon Army may have kidnapped them for some reason, this might not be easy.
Difficulty Level: Medium

Piccolo's Favorite Bootsie's *~*- Role Playing (2-3 People) Pay: $10,000
Description: Piccolo can't cut a break as it seems that he has lost his favorite pair of Bootsie's!!! OH NO!!! ... Ahem... Anyway, you have to retrieve them. I mean, how can everyones Namekian Warrior Fight without them?
Difficulty Level: Medium