Dragon Ball Eternal Legacy
     Welcome to Dragon Ball, Eternal Legacy.  This is a Dragon Ball Z RPG in which you use custom characters. You must at least have AIM (AOL Instant Messenger) to join. Former members should forget the old RPG for a lot has changed.  Planets, Links, Multimedia, Jobs, and other new things have been completed.

     This RPG is about an alternate dimension in which about 80% of the Saiyans "Saiya-Jin" on planet Vegeta escaped and landed on Earth.  They spread out and after a while the Saiyan and Human races mingled and the planet became mostly populated by half Saiyan/half Humans.  But now trouble arises...In the future a group of the smartest Saiyan Scientists has researched and developed time traveling machines and the art of cloning.  They have now come to our time to conquer the planet without intervention of others and bring back the old Saiyan ways of planet destroying.  It is now up to the strongest warriors of the universe to stop them, or life is doomed.

        Along with new moves and characters, there are also custom sagas that will be going on constantly and randomly activated by certain owners of the site. These sagas include:
- Ford of Evalign (War of Demons and Ancient Gods)
- Ichibun aruiha Haimu (Honor or Home)

         And more to come...

    Earth is being threatened once again... but, there are certain people in this alternate universe who didn't go away... They are listed below and ones with stars can be used as helpers in certain things but only if you convince them ( So you gotta rp with them, kinda like NPC or Non-Playable Characters that kinda move the story along)

- Piccolo*
- Bulma
- Yamcha* and Puar
- Tien* and Chiaotzu*
- Krillin*
- Kami
- Yajirobi
- Korrin
- Mr. Popo*
- Chi-Chi and the Ox King
- Master Roshi

Hell, maybe even other people other then characters from DBZ might show up around here, you never know in those Alternate Universes.

But wait... where is Gokou... and the rest of the Z Fighters? Strange, this means there is no Gohan. Strange, well, it's not your problem, time to get RPing, not just fighting.

There are ways to gain money and stats other then fighting the jobs. I am posting up side-quests up who can include any character up here... who knows, if someone wants to make up their own side-quest, just IM me.

And don't forget to check the News page often!!!