This is the weapons page, here you will learn and purchase the different weapons we have here. Some weapons can be used just like physical attacks ( Such as Swords and Staves) and things that add damage to other attacks ( Such as Braclets and Fighting Gloves) and these pages will discuss the ones we have made so far.
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    The Sword, another ancient form of weaponry ranging from the powerful Katana to the masterful works of the Ninja Blade.

Knight Swords:
Iron Broad Sword- This is a simple sword.
Damage:   125
Cost:    $1,000

Bronze Broad Sword- Another simple sword that does a slightly increase in damage.
Damage:   200
Cost:    $3,000

Steel Broad Sword- This is the strongest of the broad swords.
Damage:   300
Cost:    $5,500

Bastard Sword- A huge sword that does some serious damage but has a few minor set backs. One, it takes a full turn just to take the sword out and while holding it, all you can do is attack with it and it takes a whole turn to put it away. Aside from that, it packs a punch and a half.
Damage:  3,000
Cost:   $15,000

Flamberge Blade- Another large sword which is longer then it is thick but not a Katana, the flamberge is imbued with the power of fire which is brought out with the power of ki. This sword does regular damage, + whatever  ki you decide to add into it
Damage:  1,000
Cost:   $35,000

Sirated Blade- This is a blade that is used to stun your opponent by gauging them somewhere in the body but while piercing the skin, the blade is lined with a string of sharp spikes on the bottom and top to cut through both comign in and out. When first hitting, it does damage and stuns the opponent and the next turn, when it comes out it does more damage and keeps them Paralyzed
Damage:    600/600
Cost:     $75,000

Buster Sword- A powerful sword that does a large amount of damage. Though it has a large blade, it is light and can easily be carried by skilled Knights.
Damage:    5,000
Cost:     $120,000

Heaven's Cloud- Cloud Strife's personal sword, other then the Buster Sword, that does a great amount of Holy-Based damage, which it is doubled against evil enemies.
Damage:   7,500 ( Doubles Against Evil Enemies)
Cost:    $200,000

Rhaposdy Sword- This is Tapion's Sword, it seems weak and frail but it does a whooping amount of damage. This sword adds a +500 to all ki attacks and +250 to all physical attacks while you have it with you.
Damage:  10,000
Cost:   $250,000

Ragnarok- Another one of the powerful swords, it blade is shaped like a mighty dragon. This sword is of the Fire Element and adds a good amount of damage to all fire attacks. This sword does  +1000 to all fire attacks
Damage:  15,000
Cost:   $500,000

Grave Sol- A sword that is fabled to rise the sun into the sky, it harnesses it's power from that source. Hence, during the day, the sword does more damage but at night, it does much less damage.
Damage:  Day-20,000/ Night-5,000
Cost:   $800,000

Lapiz the Destroyer- A thick, unknown metal sword that is said to be able to cut through anything. Not the ultimate sword but it allows you to severe a limb once per battle.
Damage:  30,000
Cost:   $1,500,000

Excalibur- An almost unbeatable weapon of Mass Destruction that can only be used by the most experienced of Western Knights. It has the ability to double your SP in battle and use Barrier whenever you wish to in battle
Damage:   75,000
Cost:    $50,000,000

Samurai Swords:
Wooden Katana- A simple Samurai Sword that does the minimal damage.
Damage:  50
Cost:   $500

Steel Katana- A stronger, more sturdy Katana that outpowers even the Steel Broad Sword, doing a wooping 500 damage.
Damage:  500
Cost:   $10,000

Bizen Boat- A strong Samurai sword with the a sapphire on the end of it. It does good damage and double that if you have awakened a Water Spirit inside of you: $50,000
Damage:  10,000
Cost:   $50,000

Marasume- Another strong Samurai sword that has a emerald shoved in the end. This does good damage and is doubled if you have awakened an Earth Spirit inside of you.
Damage:  10,000
Cost:   $50,000

Chiijaldrii- Another powerful Samurai sword with a wooping attack . If you have awakened a Fire Spirit inside of you, this sword does double damage.
Damage:  10,000
Cost:   $50,000

Jenglong- In Chinese, this means "Dragon of the Night", which explains the obsidian black sword perfectly. Made from a powerful sword that can cut through the night itself that blinds the opponent.
Damage: 15,000
Cost:  $75,000

Beizai-Kai- The wooden upgrade of the Wooden Katana. This is made from petrified wood and if you have a Wood Spirit, it's attack is doubled.
Damage:   10,000
Cost:    $50,000

Double-Edged Katana- A double edged Katana of the winds. This is not as powerful as the rest of the Element sword but if you have a wind Element, it's power is quadrupled!
Damage:   200/200
COst:    $50,000

Shongunate Blade- The official magical blade of Shoguns that is said to be able to control the minds of it's enemy. Yours though, can confuse them if you hit them hard enough. It confuses the enemy.
Damage:  7,500
Cost:   $200,000

Samurai Special- The longest of Katana's used by the Samurai Knights and Guards, it can go through around 4 opponents when used in piercing. It does  good Damage and can hit up to 4 enemies.
Damage:  10,000
Cost:   $600,000

Ninja Sword:
Butterfly Sword- A thick knife that is used like a sword but two at a time, as they are too small to hold as swords.
Damage:   75/75
Cost:    $2,500

Mage Masher- This does some damage to both your HP and your Ki. This does regular damage to the enemy and 100 to their Ki
Damage: 200 Hp/ 100 Ki
Cost: $5,000

Pinwheel Knife- A 4-pointed knife that does 4x's the regular damage to the opponent.
Damage: 300 x 4
Cost: $15,000

Bandit Dagger- A hooked sword that is used by Bandits in battle to cut through the enemy. This is the strongest Ninja Sword to date that does serious damage with a double-sided blade
Damage: 750 x 2

Kurama- A curved blade similar to the Bandit Dagger but not as strong. It does give of a strong poison though that does major damage to the enemy each turn. It does 500 damage and the hook on the end does 200
Damage: 1000/ Hook does 200/ Poison does 500 each turn
Cost: $175,000


      Staves are another old form of weaponry that also come in handy from time to time. Never underestimate the stave...

Useless Staff- A weak staff with the crude head of a dragon on the top. It only does alittle damage damage and adds nothing to your Ki at all!
Cost: $50

Oak Staff- This is the same type of weapon the Kami uses. It's a weak wooden staff that does small damage but adds a +100 to your ki while using in battle
Damage: 25
Cost:: $200

Power Pole- A magical extending pole that can go to amazing lengths. By telling it to extend, you can hit flying enemies without flying as well.
Damage: 200
Cost:  $1,000

Iron Rod- A hard, iron rod that is equivilent to a sword and can be used the same way as the sword but does a little more damage in some cases.
Damage:  300
Cost:  $2,500

Kudo Staff- Another type of staff with a handle in the center. Both ends have metal balls on the end that can do two attacks every round.
Damage: 200/200
Cost: $7,000

Ryuu Shuzen Staff- Remember that Useless Staff at the top, well, it's not that useless, there is a solution to it's crappiness to create the most powerful staff around. The only way to do this is by wishing for the Dragon Whisker, a huge line that will automatically wrap itself around the staff and inhabit and awaken the sleeping dragon spirit inside, turning it into an unbreakable, green and gold, petrified wood staff with a fully furnished dragon head on the top with a heavy emerald shoved in it's mouth. This is almost like  the staff equivilant of the Rhapsody Sword, doing 1500 damage.The staff also grants a +1,000 to all ki attacks but it also has another ability.By putting the staff into the air, you can gather ki into it, charging it for 1 turn and yur next turn, summoning a dragon warrior to your side with a humongous double bladed sword  with these stats

Ryuu Onimus
Pl: 270,000
Sp: 30,000
s: Punch, Kick, Makosen Energy-Dan
s: Ryuu Double-Bladed Sword ( Damage: 1500/1500)

      You cannot buy this staff but you can wish for the Dragon Whisker to create


          Braclets are powerful weapons if you know how to use them. With the power of a braclet, you can add damage onto almost anything from Ki Blasts to punches.

Ki Braclet- A bracelet that increases all energy blast attacks by +1,000 by harnessing the ki energy in your wrist
Damage: +1,000 to all Ki Blasts

Demon Braclet- A braclet for demons that makes your hand into a huge claw made of Ki that can cut and slice through your opponent. This adds +5000 onto all your punches ( Only for Demons)
For Humans and all other races, this braclet adds a +1000 to all physical attacks but drains 1000 Hp each round.
Damage: +5,000 to Demon Punches/+1,000 to All Other Races Punches

Power Bracer- Not a braclet but has the same properties. This is a metal glove-like item that adds a +1,000 to your Pl by unleashing your true power through intense pressure on the palm
Damage: +1,000 to PL
Cost: $10,000

Wish Braclet- This is magically braclet said to have the same properties as the dragonballs and can help you find them, just as a rad

Barrier Braclet- This allows you to defend against a ki attack every round your opponent can use a ki attack but this sacrifices your turn
Cost: $50,000

   Fighting gloves, at one time they were used by Monks and old martial artists. Now it's your turn to use them...

Leather Gloves- Simple leather gloves that add +25 to all punches
Damage: +25 to Punches
Cost: $500

Hard Leather Gloves- A harder type of leather that adds +50 to all punches
Damage: +50 to all Punches
Cost: $1000

Mythril Gloves- A glove made of a metal lighter then a feather but as strong as Dragon Scales. It does +100 to all punches
Damage: +100 to All Punches
Cost: $5000

Tiger Claws- Gloves with sharpened tips that let you scratch the enemy.
Damage: 200
Cost: $7500

Rengoku Gloves- Gloves that emit an electric current and are able to paralyze the opponent.
Damage: 400
Cost:  $10,000

Gourmando Glove- Used by chefs to grab hot food, this glove can never be destroyed and doubles the healing effects of potions.
Damage: 600
Effects: Doubles Effects of Potions and Ethers
Cost:  $50,000

Misc Weapons:

  This is the section where I will list all the weapons categories where there is not enough types to place in their own.

Wooden Nanchucku- A simple, wooden stick split and attached by metal links. This does average damage.
Damage: 250
Cost:  $1,000