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Fighting Gloves:

Leather Gloves- This is a simple pair of hard leather gloves that adds a +25 to all punches: $200

Brass Knuckles- These are hard metal rings that are linked together that go on your knuckles. They are much ahrder then leather gloves and add a +50 to all punches: $400

Iron Fists- These are huge, cast-iron fists that go over your own fists and add +150 to all punches but makes all throwing and grappling type techniques unusable: $800

Mythril Gloves- Very light gloves made of metal that do some major damage when used with punches, adding a great +200 to all punches but the draw back is they can only be used once per battle and then need to be taken off because they can break if used more then once per battle: $1,500

        These are not the only weapons, there are special ones that are listed below. Only some are though... there are others but they can only be gotten through special events and such.

Demon Rashi- A long, spear like weapon but the blade on the top is curved and tainted in demon blood, dealing a good 500 damage to normal enemies but good opponents get dealt a devistating 5000 damage: $750,000

Saiya-jin Armor Lv 1- A suit of flexiable armor that can fit anyone. This delfects 100 damage from all physical attacks and 200 from all blasts: $10,000

Saiya-jin Armor Lv 2- This is an upgraded suit of saiya-jin armor that deflects 300 damage from all physical attacks and 600 from all blasts:$20,000

Saiya-jin Armor Lv 3- This is the next form of saiya-jin armor the delfects 500 damage from all physical attacks and 1000 from blasts:$30,000

Saiya-jin Blaster- This is a machine that hooks onto your arma nd fires a huge energy blast that does 1500 damage:$12,500

Z Sword- The most powerful weapon in the game, this can only be obtained by going through Mystic Training. This raises all your stats to a great level when in your possession and these stay with you even after the sword is destroyed... Oops, gave too much away already. This sword deals 100,000 damage with each swing: Must gain through 15th Generation Supreme Kai Mystic Training
Pl+ 5,000,000
Sp+ 500,000
Ki+ 500,000
Hp+ 2,500,000

Masamune- An ancient Samurai Katana, used by the mighty dark swordsman, is only wieldable by the best of the Samurai. When in the hands of those who are worthy, it acts just as the Z-Sword but does even more damage then it, dealing a wooping 125,000 damage!: Can only be gained by going through Hell
Pl+ 7,500,000
Sp+ 750,000
Ki+ 750,000
Hp+ 3,500,000
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