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10/1/1763  James Lee of Edgecombe Co bought from James Griffin, 200 acres                                           both sides Buffalo.  Wit:  Thomas Carperter, James Lee                                                           (Johnston C. Deed Book)                                                                                                                                                                                                                               1797 Spanish Census, District of San Esteban De Tombecbe
        (Later MS, and then Washington Co, AL)
      Name                    Age     Nationality     Children     Slaves
Griffin, James              29        American          5               0
Griffin, Mrs.                24              "                         
Griffin, Samuel            76        American          1                0
Griffin, Mrs.                61              "

1803 Washington Co, MS Territory Tax Roll
     Griffin, Samuel
     Griffin, James

1805 Washington Co, MS Territory Tax Roll
     Griffin, Samuel
     Griffin, William
     Griffin, James--640 acres of land third quality situated on the west side of the
          Tombigbee River, on the waters of Smith Creek with 2 cabins and 22 acres
          of improved land thereon, assessed to 50 cents per acre.

1808 Petition of the undersigned inhabitants of Washington Co living on the
          Chickesawhay River:
               Griffin, James

1809 Petition of the Inhabitants of the District of Washington:
     Griffin, James

1810 Washington Co Census
     Griffin, Jesse

1830 Washington Co, AL Census
     Griffin, James
     Griffin, Riley

1837  James Griffin made his will.  Will print it on next page.
                                                                                                                                   1840 Washington Co, AL Census
     Griffin, Rielly
     Griffon, N. W.
     Griffon, James

1850 Washington Co, AL Census
     Griffin, Gilbert          35     GA  HN 222
     Griffin, Milly            30      GA
     Griffin, Sabine          10      AL
     Griffin, James           9       AL
     Griffin, John             7       AL
     Griffin, Jane              5      AL
     Griffin, Marg            3       AL
     Griffin, Gilbert          1       AL
     Griffin, James          42      MS  HN  11
     Griffin, Sarah           30      GA
     Griffin, James            9      AL
     Griffin, George          7      AL
     Griffin, Thomas        6      AL
     Griffin, Ivy               4     AL
     Griffin, Nancy          2      AL
     Griffin, Marg          3/12   AL
     Griffin, David          27     MS  HN 59
     Griffin, Mary          25     MS
     Griffin, Nancy        50     GA  HN 61
     Griffin, Seburn G    18     AL
     Griffin, William A    23     AL  HN 68
     Griffin, Sarah          23     MS
     Griffin, Clarence      3      AL
     Griffin, Louisa       10/12  AL

1860  Hardin Co, TX Census
     Griffin, James and all of his family are here with the addition of Francis age 1 b. TX

     Don't know where David and Nancy are, but I think that David and brother Gilbert
     were in MS.  Deed Book of Clarke Co, MS contains the following records:
          John Watts & wife, Eliz. Ann, to Gilbert Griffin:  Jasper Co, Sept 7, 1844, $50.00
          paid by Gilbert Griffin for land in Clark Co. viz: lot #14 in square #4? fronting
          Choctaw St, 105 running ft. by 100 ft. in the town of Quitman.  (signed) John
          Watts, Elizabeth A Watts.  James A Chapman, Clerk Jasper Co. Recorded March
          28, 1845.  W.A. White, Clerk Clark Co.

          Wm. E. Williford & wife, Sinai. to Gilbert Griffin; Clark Co, Jan. 31, 1840 $200.00
          paid by Gilbert Griffin for land in Quitman, Clark Co, viz: lot 15 in square 4 fronting
          Choctaw St, 105 running ft. front & 105 ft. back. (signed) Wm. E. Williford,
          Sinai (X) Williford.  Wit: W.A. White, acting J.P.  Recorded April 1, 1840.
          W.F. Green, clerk.