African Counselling Association
Sylvester Madu
Sylvester has made enormous strides in gathering, organizing, and publishing literature related to counselling in the African context. Sylvester is the President of the African Chapter of the
World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP) and a seed member of the WPC Multilouge. Sylvester has received numerous awards including the International Sigmund Freud Award for Psychotherapy of the City of Vienna (Austria), The  University of the North Research Excellence Award (South Africa) in 1998 and 2001, and his biography was included in the Marquis Who's Who in
Science and Engineering 2002-2003 (USA).
Karl Peltzer
Karl is Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Psychology in Africa and is a founder for the Working Group for African Psychology.  Karl is the Director of the Health Behaviour Research Unit, (HBRU) University of the North, South Africa, and has been instrumental in the development of psychology in Africa.
Sally Nyandiya Bundy and Bob Bundy
Sally and Bob helped to establish the
African Network for the Prevention and Protection Against Child Abuse and Neglect (ANPPCAN). Sally and Bob have both served as Department Chairs for the University of Zimbabwe Psychology Department. Bob is an Associate Editor for the Journal of Psychology in Africa. Sally has researched the plight of abused, refugee, and street children in Zimbabwe. Sally has been instrumental in advancing the rights of children in Zimbabwe.
Fred Harper, Morris Jackson, and Victor Bibbins
Fred, Morris, and Victor have encouraged and mentored African students in USA, and African counsellors and psychologists by providing avenues in which the voices of African mental health professionals could be heard internationally.

Kimberly Richards
Kimberly founded the first regional and continental counselling associations in Africa (the Southern African Counselling Association and the
African Counselling Network).  She was instrumental in the development of guidance and counselling services in educational settings in Zimbabwe.   Kimberly has been actively involved in community service as both a leader and member in organizations that serve children, women, HIV+ clients, and counselors. Kimberly is an Associate Editor of the Journal of Psychology in Africa, and a guest referee for the International Journal for the Advancement of Counselling.
Mike Ani
Mike helped to advance counselling practice and counsellor supervision in Nigeria.
Clemmont VonTress
Clemmont has been conducting research on indigenous ways of counseling in Africa. He is recognuzed as USA's founder and advocate of the multicultural counselling movement.
A. Bame Nasmenange
Bame is affiliated with the
National Institute of Child Heath and Human Development in USA and the Ecole Normale Superieure in Cameroon.  He is an Advisory Editor for the Journal of Human Development, an Associate Editor of the Journal of Psychology in Africa, and a council member of the International Federation of Psychology.
Lionel Nicholas
Lionel actively advocated against the use of psychology as a tool of oppression during the apartheid regime and testified at the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission in regard to psychology and oppression in apartheid South Africa.  Lionel edited the book
Psychology and Oppression: Critiques and Proposals which identified the role played by the psychology/counseling professions in the oppression of People of Colour in apartheid South Africa. Lionel is a delegate to the International Union of Psychological Science, Past President of the South African Psychological Society, and the Editor of the South African Journal of Psychology

Frantz Fanon
Frantz was a political activist and wrote extensively about the relationship between racism, colonialism, cultural trauma, and mental health. Fanon founded Africa's first psychiatric clinic. Fanon, a psychoanalyst, philosopher, and revolutionary, produced many important books prior to his untimely death in 1961 from leukemia.
Hussein Bulhan
Hussein developed Emancipatory Family Therapy and is the biographer of Frantz Fanon. Currently Hussein is the Director of the Somaliland Academy for Peace and Development
and the head of the Peace Committee for Somaliland.
Tony Naidoo
Tony has contributed to the development of career and school counselling in South Africa and is an advocate for the use of culturally appropriate counselling practice in Africa.
Sunday Erhabor Idedumia
is the Vice-President of the African Chapter of the World Council for Psychotherapy and organizer of  the 4th African Conference for Psychotherapy. Sunday initiated counselling and psychotherapy for Nigerian prisoners and has done extensive counselling among the prison group. Sunday is also involved in the development counselling services for African Immigrants.

Peter Ebigbo
Peter is the President of the National Council of Child Rights Advocates Of Nigeria, Chairperson of the Nigeria Chapter of ANPPCAN, member of the executive board of Child Hope, UNICEF consultant and, and an Editor of the Journal of Psychology in Africa. Peter is the recipient of many awards including the 2000 Nigerian National Merit Award, Child Rights Advocate Award, Ezi Nna Award, State Award for Academic Distinction, and Imo State Broadcasting Corporation Award.
Kofi Akosha
Kofi, an African youth leader, is the founder of the
Africa Youth Peace Call organization and a member of Taking it Global youth community action organization. Kofi has organized peace marches in Africa.
Oliver Mazodze
Oliver served as the Chairperson of the Masvingo chapters of the National Guidance and Counselling Association of Zimbabwe (NGCAZ) and ANPPCAN.  He also served on the Executive Committee of (NGCAZ), was the head of Gokomere High School Guidance and Counselling Department, and is currently the Secretary of the African Counselling Network.  Oliver is the Director of the Zimbabwe Esperanto Institute and a member of the American Physiological Society.
Philip Moses
Philip was the Head of HIV/AIDS Counselling Services with the Zimbabwe National AIDS Coordination Programme for ten years. He established a national network of HIV/AIDS counsellors and was instrumental in popularizing counselling as a professional service through community based in-service and workshop based counselling training.  Prior to that he established and headed clinical psychological services in the public health and mental health sectors in Zimbabwe. Currently, Philip is an HIV/AIDS Advisor with
Save the Children (USA)-Umoyo Network in Malawi.
Alexandra Govere
Alexandra Govere is a student member of ACN and an African youth leader. Alexandra, active in community service, was selected in 2000 as an UNESCO-Disney Millennium Dreamer Ambassador.  In 2001 Alexandra founded the Assisting AIDS Orphans in Africa Project and has received international recognition for the project. The Quest Scholar (Harvard Universirty Chapter) has also been recognized for her work towards peace and development in Africa and is a recipient of the African Child Award.  Alexandra has been recognized by Teen People magazine as one of 20 top teens.