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Trained Horses
Shown here are some photos pages of horses that I have started under saddle.  These pages will be for 2006 and forward, as I did not keep a photographic record of horses trained in the past.  There are some photos of my own horses listed on their pages if you care to take a peek.  Owners will give references upon request, just email me as I never give out phone numbers without permission and I will forward the email to them to answer.  I really enjoy my privacy as much as I can get in todays society, I sure you do as well.  I will only forward emails to those "I" have deemed serious about getting their horses trained.
Leeya is a six year old straight eqyptian brood mare, barely halter broke, never had her feet trimmed.  The family purchased her and another so that they could ride and more so to help out the ailing owner.  pg.2.