This page is basically here to tell all fans that LeeHom does read all your emails but due to his busy shedule, he is unable to reply back. I guess i was just lucky to get a reply from him. All the best guys!

Lee Hom's Email to Me!

Dear Sharon,

Thanks for all of your dedication and support! I definitely am busy these days, balancing between taking classes and my job. But no, I didn't know about the Singapore "Male Vocalist" award, thanks for keeping me up to date and informed! I will be going back to China and Taiwan in mid-October for some shows and more recording...wish me luck!

All the best to you and yours, Lee-hom

My Email to Lee Hom

dearest Lee-Hom,
       hi there! i am sharon from singapore. I just want to congratulate 
you on being named as a contender as "Best Male Vocalist" in the upcoming 
"Singapore Hits Awards" on 13/11/99. well, i'm not sure if you are notified 
yet and what other categories you are in. anyway all the best to you and 
hope to see you in singapore!
       i have recently done up a homepage about you....even though you have 
your own offical homepage. Yupz. i recieved more than 90 hits in less than 
2 weeks! just want to let you know that there are many people out there 
supporting you. so i hope you would do you best and wow us with you next 
new album.
           anyway all the best in your education and hope to hear 
from you soon!

from Singapore with love,

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