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Hey everyone. I've been getting all sorts of emails these days...some hate mails too. Like i said much earlier, i am in US studying right now and i was thinking of shutting this place down. Well, i am going to do just that. I can not longer juggle my studies and this website. This website will not update anymore but if you guys have any qns, you can email me as i will still be following the news. I would try to make a "comeback" soon with a better site but i need a rest for now. Please go to Our HOMe Singapore for more updates. Thanks. 18/11/01

God Bless, Sharon

  • 1 Article of Hom added into Year 2001 archive. Talks about his album and concert. Check it out! 07/04/01

  • Okay folks! There are 2 new articles you can read now. One is in the magazine section, the other can be found in Year 2001 archive. The new guestbook has also been setup so please do drop a line. Thanks 28/03/01

  • Hey all, I've been reading all your comments left on the poll. I'm deeply touched. Thank you all. So to honour all of you, I'll keep this site open and would try to deliver information about Hom asap! As I have said, I would be leaving for US soon, I hope that you guys can help me keep this site running by informing me any news of Hom in magazines or on the web. You can do so by emailing me. I'll try to get hold of the article and translate it asap. However, no gossips about Hom here. Thanks guys! 15/03/01

  • A new row of pics from HK is featured in the magazine zone. It may take some time to load. 01/01/00

  • 2 acticles from Spore has been added regarding his new movie. Check it out. 22/12/00

  • Just added a new article from HK with must-see pics! Check out the news archieve in Year 2000! 12/12/00

  • Diary Part 20 is out and more droolious pics are posted in the gallery section! 1/11/00

  • Exclusive Pics of Leehom which i took at his recent press conference in Singapore are added into the gallery. Please do not copy them for your site. Email me for any enquiries. 10/10/00

  • "Forever's First Day" guitar chords has just been added. Check out the cool poster! 06/10/00

  • Article from Eastciti.com added. Lots of juicy info and pics from his latest press conference in Singapore. 05/10/00

  • 2 superb articles from Singapore added. Check out the great pics and the rich content in it!. See year 2000. 04/10/00

  • 1 article added to year 2000 and diary part 16 has been added. 02/10/00

  • Check it out! "Bu Yao Hai Pa (Dun be Afraid)'s guitar chord has just been added. Try it out and email me if there is any error. Click on the Cool link on the left. 11/9/00

  • 1 new article has been added into Year 2000 archive 05/9/00

  • Diary Part 12 been has added! Go! 04/9/00

  • Congrats to LeeHom who has just won the "Most Outstanding Singer" award in the 1999/2000 TVB music awards. His song "Forever's 1st Day" is also one of the top 15 songs. Al the Best!! 04/9/00
  • 1 more article from Lian He Bao has been added in Year 2000 news archive. Click on Main on the left. 8/8/00

  • Another article from Lian He Bao has been added in Year 2000 news archive. 6/8/00

  • New website address! http://hello.to/leehom . Remember to update your bookmark links now! 16/7/00
  • Check out Lee Hom's diary to his fans as promotion for his new album! Go! 14/7/00

  • Cool! My site has been nominated as the choice website of fans. Do go rate my site if you like it. Thanks to all whom nominated me. 29/03/00

  • The birth of yet another LeeHom webpage. Hope you guys will appreciate this. Have fun! 16/9/99

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