GuestBooks Anyone?

Harlowz, all friends who have supported me and communicated with me since the start of this website. When i first started, i had no idea what it would led me to. I just wanted to share whatever little information of Leehom i had and try my skills at webpage making.

I would like to thank all of you whom had emailed me and became fast friends with me. I do hope that guys can keep the emails going and i will seek to help you guys in providing any info if i can get hold of it.

So, after saying so much. i would like to invite you to leave a msg (an email address too if possible) on the guestbook below or a msg on the msgboard. I would certainly love to have your comments about the site. Sorry about the 1st guestbook. Geocities seemed to have changed their minds about it. Hope you can use it now. Thanks!

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