~Magazines Round the World~

Here are some pictures and articles from magazines all over the world. They are sent to me by friends and some are scanned by myself. Please note that these are for private viewing. I would not acknowledge any misuse of these photos/articles. Due to the large size of the pics, i have added thumbnails of all of them. Just click on them to get the bigger pic. They would be arranged by country webpages and the pics that are higher are the most recent ones. Happy viewing!


I - weekly ~~ Shots by Lee Hom in Singapore

8 Days ~~ HOM Style

Teens Mag & other Singapore mags

Exclusive Press Conference Pics

Pics from Bulova Watch promotion

"Love You 24 Hours" single and calendar pics!"

Hong Kong archive of mags pics

Taiwan archive of mags pics

China archive of mags pics

Exclusive Japan Article from Hanoko West

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