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Creative Learning Specialists provides quality workshops and resources for teachers everywhere! We aim to stand by teachers as they pursue best practices in the areas of mathematics, reading, and science. We also offer grant writing services to assist you in making your educational dreams a reality.

Currently, the Mathematics Division offers a variety of 30-hour courses including
*Math Best Practices
*Math STARS: Successfull Teaching the ARizona (Math) Standard (or any state for that matter)
*Building Math Power Institutes
     The Powerful Number System
     Data Analysis & Probabilility

One and two-day worskhops include
*The CPR of Math (Communication, Connections, Problem Solving, Reasoning & Proof, and Representations)
*The Language in Math (reading, writing, listening, speaking, & vocabulary development)
*Numbers Big and Small: Developing a Sense of Numbers & Operations

Other workshops available include
*Navigating Through Number Sense
*Navigating Through Whole Number Operations & Estimation
*Navigating Through Measurement
*Navigating Through Geometry 
*Navigating Through Data Analysis            
*The Basics Aren't So Basic
*Developing Math Vocabulary
*Discovering Discrete Math
*Unwrapping the Math Standard

Customized workshops are also availabale upon request.
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