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Welcome to my quilt pages.
All of my quilts are a work in progress,
So I am always welcoming new squares!
I have finally gotten all of my quilts moved!
Ready to start more!

These pages are graphic intense!
These squares were either sent to me,
Or collected from various sites on the internet that offered them.
Some were made by me.
Squares are linked to the person who donated the square.
If you have a square that you would like to see added here, please send it to me at
You are welcome to take one of my squares
(There are 1000+ to choose from)
Please link it back to
Thank you each and everyone for the squares that you have shared.

I was selected as Quilting Queen

by Graphic Quilters & QCOF
For The Month Of May 2006

See more about here

My site was selected as
Site Of The Month
June 2006 By Quilting Circle Of Friends
Thank you all for this great honor.

I added a square to the "United In Spirit USA Quilt"

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