The Boutilier family, now found in Nova Scotia, were part of the Montbéliardais. A group of protestants who were forced to leave France in the 18th century. Montbéliard is a large town in eastern France. It lies very near the Swiss border and lie in the foothills of the Juras mountains.

Montbéliard first appeared in history, "on the map" as it were, in the year 985 under the name of Mons Béliardae. The town consisted of a fortification and some houses located around "the Rock". Montbéliard became a town in the 11th century. the inhabitants spread out and the area becomes a prospering county in it's own right.

A drawing of Montbéliard in the 13th century.

In the year 1397 Montbéliard, as a "consequence of marriage", came under the control of the German Dukes of Wurtemberg; or "fell in the basket of the Dukes" as the French reads. The city becomes a Protestant enclave in the heart of a Catholic region. The end of the 16th century was the golden age of Montbéliard. "Prince Frédéric" and his architect Heinrich Schickhardt gave the town it's grand insitutions such as the Temple, Académie, Logis des Gentilshommes (or the Gentlemen's Quarters).

"Before being absorbed by France in the early 1800's, Montbeliard was a ward of Wurtenburg. For many years it was a haven for Protestantism. Many Huguenots from France had immigrated there as well as Protestants from Switzerland. In the middle of the 18th century religious strife came to the area in the form of the Catholic Church taking over the Protestant Churches. This was caused by a new ruler that was Catholic. In at least one instance the take over was hindered, but not stopped, by church members. Many families from the area banned to gather and took passage down the Rhine River to Rotterdam. I have heard several stories about getting passage to Nova Scotia. One such was that they secured passage through an English agent looking for settlers before they left Montbeliard and left for Nova Scotia goimg through Rotterdam. It is my understanding that they stayed in England 6 months to a year before travailing to Nova Scotia. They spent several months in Halifax working off their passage. After working off their passage many of the families we sent to Lunenburg where they settled for a few years."

Margaret Boutilier Family

(This page follows the "Generation Band" idea. The first band
 includes Margaret Boutilier and her brothers and sisters as 
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0) Margaret Clair Boutilier
0) Gordon Boutilier
0) William Boutilier ?
0) Cecilia "Ceil" Boutilier
	1) Thomas Levi Boutilier
             b: Ab't 1868
	+Edith King
		2) William John Boutilier
                    b: Oct.21, 1832 in St.Pauls Church, Halifax NS
		+Selina Boutilier
			3) John James Boutilier
                           b:Dec.01,1794 in Lunenberg Co. NS 
			+Susannah Jollimore
                           b:May 13,1795
(Possible parents of Susannah Jollimore: Pierre Jollimois b:1694
and Judith Joudrey m:Aug.31,1752) 4) James Frederick Boutilier b:Feb.23, 1766 +Susan Elizabeth Slaugenwhite 5) Jacques Boutilier b:Ab't Aug.4,1735 in Etoban Montbeliard,
France. +Susannah Rigoleau b:Ab't 1745 d:April 8,1831 6) Jean George Boutilier b:Aug.19,1691 in Etoban Montbeliard, France m:Jan.19,1722 d:1752 "at sea" +Sarah Grange b:Ab't 1705 in Etoban Montbeliard, France d:1752 "at sea" 7) Guillaume Boutilier b:Ab't 1642 in Chagey, France m: Aug. 23, 1670 d: June 17, 1712 +Jeanne Mignery (or "Migneray") b:Ab't 1650 in Etoban Montbeliard, France d: Nov.29, 1725 8)Nicholas Boutilier ("Jean Nicholas") b:Ab't 1596 in Chagey, France +Ursula Brechot 9) Jehan Guillaume Boutilier (or "Jean George") b: Ab't 1570 in Chagey, France 6)Vernier Rigoleau +Jeanne Rigoleau 3) John Benjamin Boutilier b: Aug.27, 1808 in Nova Scotia +Eliza Harnish ("Elizabeth C.Harnish"?) b:Ab't 1817 m:Sept.4,1831 @St.Paul's Aglican, Halifax d:Oct.8, 1904 4) James Frederick Boutilier b:feb.23,1766 +Susan Elizabeth Slaugenwhite 2) George Richard King +Lucy Taylor 3) James H. Taylor + Unknown Williams The Following is a map of the province of Nova Scotia, Canada where most of the Boutiliers and other Montbéliardais live today. > This last map shows centres of Boutilier settlement. Halifax, Boutilier's Point (in St.Margaret's Bay) and Lunenburg. And this is St.James' Anglican Church in Boutilier's Point. William John Boutilier and Serena Charlotte Boutilier are buried there. Click the link below to view photocopies of documents found at the Public
Archives, Halifax, Nova Scotia. Also, a map of the divisions in Lunenburg and a photo of the playing cards drawn at St.Paul's Anglican Church, Halifax. JEAN GEORGE BOUTEILLIER'S PASSPORT This page last updated: Friday, August 31, 2001. 5:04 PM