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Family-Friendly Site

Welcome to my furby web site! Here you can find out about furby and view some furby photos. You can find out about my furbys as well. Find links to other furby web sites and get your questions answered. Have fun!

Visit Baby Kiwifurby. A Furby Baby web site made by the maker of Kiwifurby!

All New web site
The New Public Furby Community now has a web site, one away from MSN.  The MSN Community still exists and can be found at the same address (click here to go there).  The new web site has pages about different character Furbys found at the TNPFC, a Dave Hampton Page, Custom toys page, a non-MSN Message Board (for when MSN is not working) and a whole lot more.  Be sure to go over and have a look.  The site has been co-created by Blu and I.  Click here to see the new website.


Exclusive! :- Furby Dissection Art:- A page with information about an art display where dissected Furbys were used

Exclusive to Kiwifurby

Shelby information and exclusive photos!:- Read all about the just released Shelby and have a look at some pics too!

Furby Plastic Surgery:- Come here and see the custom Furbys a friend and I have created/assembled!

MiMi's operation:- Read all about the operation of the very limited edition, MiMi!

Tokyo Toy Fair:-Find out all the information and latest information about Furby and his friends at the Tokyo Toy Fair.

Kiwifurby Medical centre:- Information on how to fix your sick Furby

My Furbys:- Meet my furbys and hear them say there name.

The Kiwifurby Times- Issue 3

Furby Icon Gallery:- Come look at some icons that the designer of Kiwifurby has created.

Awards:- Check out the awards Kiwifurby has won!

Furby Info

KC Furby:- A page all about the KC Furby with pics

Interactive Gizmo:-A section dedicated to Interactive Gizmo

What is a furby?:- Don't know what a furby is? Click here to find out all the info about them

My experince with furby:- Find out my experince with furby, what I think and what I think should be changed.

Furbish - English dictonary:- Lost your dictonary and don't know what your furby is saying? Click here to find out.


Furby Question & Answers:-Got a question about Furby, ask away.

Furby Generations:- Want to know what generation your furby belongs to and what it is called? Click here to find out.

Limited Edition furbys:- Have a look at all the Limited Edition Furbys and read their discriptions.

Speical Limited Edition Furbys:- Have a look at the Shop Exclusive Furbys!

Interactive Stuff

Guest Book:- Don't forget to sign my guestbook!My Guestbook

Kiwi Furby Message board:-Come on over and post a message on Kiwi furbys message board

Other Stuff

Feedback Form:- Tell us what you think of Kiwifurby and Baby Kiwifurby

What's new:- Find out whats new at Kiwifurby.

Furby Pictures:-See pictures of furbys

Links:- Links to other furby web sites

If you would like to contact me for any reason, please email me!

Visit Baby Kiwifurby. A Furby Baby web site made by the maker of Kiwifurby!

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