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02/07/06 17:44
The index was getting long, so I've moved it to index2.html with a link to it at the bottom.
Tips for rioters. Try not to destroy things like police vans and other public property. You'll have to pay for them through your taxes. Also, don't riot in your own area. It'll only harm your local economy. Oh, and when setting fires, ensure that you don't become trapped by the flames and die like some idiots. Don't attack potential supporters, you'll only cause them to support your enemies. When you see a television camera, don't yell into it like a raving moron and endlessly repeat phrases that the whole mob is yelling. Instead, calmly and logically support your position. Yelling at the cameras only make the rest of the world think that you're crazy and idiotic. Which you probably are.
Page A11, today's National Post, Protests Grow, Turn Deadly. Crowds were throwing stones at the offices of European AID agencies. I would think that'd be a sign to stop giving aid, but I doubt that will happen unfortunately. Danish troop in Iraq came under machine-gun fire while helping CHILDREN injured in a car crash. That's so smart. Some kids are injured in a car crash and you try to kill the rescuers. Danish Refugee Council offices are attacked. I suggest they close their offices and never reopen them in that region.
Page A16, today's National Post. Looking at examples of what kind of cartoons many mainstream Arabic newspapers publish. Including some by the Palestinian Authority. And just think how long Israel countinued to collect and transfer taxes for the PA. And looking at these, one should think, why don't we see mobs of Jews rioting in the streets around the world?
You know, I never knew that the Prime Minister could appoint people not elected to the Cabinet. Interesting. I think the length of time the current minority gov't will hold will largely depend on how willing the Conservatives are going to be in compromising with the NDP.
Bleh. 88.5% on chem exam. All my marks have dropped by several percentage points except bio. Drats.

02/08/06 17:09
Page A15, todays National Post. "Freedom of the press is just an excuse." Naeem Siddiqi accuses writers of hypocrisy by criticizing Arab newspapers' anti-Semitic cartoons while at the same time defending newspapers that do the same for Muslims. I'd like to point out that we aren't criticizing the Arab newspapers for their cartoons, rather we are criticizing the fact that you allow these anti-Semitic cartoons and yet violently riot against cartoons insulting Muslims. Kind of a double-standard isn't it?
I don't see why people are surprised at Emerson's decision to cross the floor and accept a Cabinet seat. He's a politician. And don't forget the hefty pay raises for being a member of Cabinet.
Why must physics problem sets be so hard? They're so useless anyways!

02/09/06 21:34
Bleh, no National Post today. I wonder what happened to it. Maybe someone stole it. Or the delivery guy was slacking off.
Ew, stupid problem sets. Messed up on #6. Just got stuck... And labs suck. They usually bring down my mark, like the one we just got back.
Mmmm, cookies. I think I might've had 10 cookies today after school in robotics. They were just so good, and I was so hungry.
ABC made over $120 from the pizza lunch. It's funny, because when we first started, we struggled to sell a single ticket. Isn't it ironic that the people who didn't buy a ticket regreted not buying one when they saw the pizza, and the ones that did complained about the small slices? And I got out of half an hour of calculus, yay.
I hope entering the ACC surveys in won't take too long. I've got two campaigns of Starcraft: Brood Wars waiting for me to finish. Isn't it odd how a decade old computer game still holds so much appeal? I'm pretty sure it's because of the flexiblilty of the Campaign Editor. Keeps the game fresh, somewhat.

02/10/06 13:42
All of my pile of surveys are entered. Finally. And there doesn't seem to be any more bugs on the results pages. It's funny, in my whole stack I think I only came across 3 surveys from guys.
Today's National Post, page A3. Somebody pushes someone else in front of a train, almost killing her. Found not criminally responsible since he claimed he was acting "on the command of the god." Great justice system we have huh?
Page A4, on the softwood dispute. Apparently, we were eyeing a deal that had a return of 75-80% of the illegal taxes the US collected on our lumber. So it seems the US gets millions of dollars, we get back three quarters of the money they illegally took from us. The next time our negotiators get robbed, maybe they should just do nothing agaisnt the theives in return for three quarters of their money back.
Page A13. 31 dead in holy day violence. Ah, infighting in a religion. Funny, they both believe in the same God, and it's kinda hard for me to understand how they came to the conclusion that followers of their God deserved to die.
A15. Did you know that if you kill a leader of a criminal gang in Jamaica that thousands of people will riot in protest? Would rational people be angry a criminal mastermind is dead?
A16. Hey, guess what? Our gov't is in the business of promoting Islam. And, uh, yea. Just read the article. And people say the newspaper is boring.

02/14/06 17:47
Anti-blasphemy laws? Bah, I say. What if I have my own religion, say, the David religion, and in that, it's blasphemous to say the word "project"? After, all, I can make up my own religion. It might be called a cult, or crazy belief by other people, but that's just diction.
Hey, guess what, the chief of an Islamic organization refered to the Danish cartoons as the new 9/11. Well, then, why are you so pissed about the cartoons for. You people were happy about the WTO going down. And funny, I don't recall the cartoons killing anyone. Except those dying in riots about the cartoons, but that's their fault, not the cartoons fault.

02/14/06 21:26
Oh, and about the anti-blasphemy laws, guidelines, w/e, no wonder the UN of today sucks. It's full of hot air, and rolls over to anyone. It's sanctions do crap, and nations that are supposed to supply its military are always behind.
Oh yea, today was this year's first Chess Club meeting. Fun. Can't beat the pawn-queen teamwork Ryan :p
Just ended a war with Julius Caesar. Kicked his ass! Took over half his mainland territory, including his capital and next 2 largest cities. Went on a razing spree too :)
Time to add some (two) books to the book list.

02/15/06 16:54
Obesity pill? What a waste of effort. It'll just encourage people to become fat, as they can solve their problems with pills. Cancer would have been a better research area.
Today's National Post, A2. Ew. A student in Florida found that the toilet water in a fast-food restaurant contained less bacteria than the ice in the drinks. Ew.
What's the most important thing? Is it money, health, what? I say happiness. As long as I'm happy, I don't care about anything else. What does it matter if I'm stuck in a coma? As long as I'm happy, I don't care. After all, think about it. Everything we do, we do in order to increase our hapiness. It's the ultimate goal.

02/16/06 16:59
Walking home in freezing rain. Fun.
Elephants are becoming more aggressive thanks to our years of hunting them. Go us.
Would you like a Danish pastry? Er, I mean, Roses of the Prophet Muhammad. Don't forget to try the Freedom fries too.
Hmm.... Releasing a pedophile who was designated a long-term offender into a halfway house right beside an elementary school. Our justice system at work.

02/17/06 16:14
I think I did good on the algeo test today as I answered every single question. Whether I answered them right, remains to be seen.
I like my grad comment. Managed to get two Star Trek references into it. I couldn't decide for a while whether to use peace and long life, or live long and prosper. I chose the live long and prosper one in the end, because I think that's the one that's said last. Here's my comment: University was always something that seemed far-off, even in grade eleven, but now, it’s imminent. Oh well. It’s been four great years, but then again, all good things must come to an end. To everyone who made my high school experience great, many thanks, peace, and long life.
Lol, making playdoh in bio class because Burns needed it for his grade elevens in their study of genetics. It was... Messy... Of course, another reason could be that he wanted someone to clean all the lab tables.
I'm starting to like the new federal Conservative gov't. They're planning on doing something about the overfishing by foriegn countries off Newfoundland (and not just leave it or issue a statement that does nothing. Turbot war, here we come :p), and are exploring ways to arm our border. I hope they choose the arming each individual guard as that seems the best solution.
Ha, so we're not the only ones who got the weird warm weather. The annual Yukon Quest sled-dog race is having some trouble. From lack of snow. Apparently, even in Whitehorse the grass is showing.
Kennedy Public School won last years Garfield Weston Award for Excellence in overall academic excellence and is nominated again this year. And I know exactly why they're doing so good. "The students, most from Chinese backgrounds, come from ... learning." The first part was the important part :p
If I ever do anything to get into trouble with the police, I hope it's the same people running the investigation as the one who were investigating the Cheney-shooting-hunting-partner thing, Sheriff Ramon Salinas. So he's immediately informed of the hunting accident moments after it happens, first by one of his officers, then the Secret Service, who also told him it involved Vice President Cheney. Now, I would think a competent officer would immediatly go over and investigate, but I guess Salinas thinks differently. He told his officers not to go over and investigate so as to not disturb the ranch guests as they ate dinner. He waits till Sunday morning to send one of his deputies to interview the shooter, Cheney. The report that was the result of this interview missed something vitally important. Did Cheney drink any alcohol before going hunting? The victim, Cheney's friend Whittington, didn't get interviewed till Monday, who told them there was no alcohol during the hunt. Hm. But Cheney told Fox News he had a beer before going hunting. Hm. But the ranch owner said the hunters had Dr. Pepper. Sheldon Alberts puts this best: "But since Salinas and his deputies never bothered to visit the ranch Saturday evening - when they still might have been able to establish if alcohol was a factor - Americans will just have to trust Cheney that he drank just one beer. Because, you know, no one in trouble with the police has ever fibbed about the amount they had to drink." Lol. And then, while other police departments will spend lots of time at a shooting accident trying to determine bullet paths, taking photos, etc, the Kenedy County deputy only visited the site once, and only "to understand" the description of the scene by Cheney. When a TV reporter asked Salinas about his dep'ts investigative techniques, Salinas said, "Everybody knew it was an accident and it's nothing criminal." The reporter then asked, "How did you determine it was an accident if you didn't interview any witnesses until the day after?" Salinas' reply was, "I know some people personally htat were on the hunting trip. They're friends of ours. We're a small community and we know each other. That's how we got the knowledge it was an accident." What great police work huh? It was an accident because they said so. Alberts reminds us, this is like what happened with the New Orleans disaster. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff made many mistakes and was responsible for them, but still has his job. Responsible but not accountable.
UN investigators reported that the US's Guantanamo prison was violating many human rights, including ban on torture, arbitrary detention, and right to a fair trial. Ah, the US, the beacon of liberty and freedom. Or not.

02/18/06 12:55
Lol, the US lost to Sweden in women's hockey. And they were saying we scored too many goals. Better than scoring too little. And then they lost a gold medal because one of their altheletes decided to show off and then crashed, letting the person behind her win the gold instead. Ahaha. Fun.
I learned something new today. It seems that many countries, including Canada, the EU, and Japan, have been imposing higher tariffs on US goods for the past little while in retaliation for Congress countinuing to illegally subsidizing US companies. Americans just can't seem to follow the rules and are always complaining about the unfair trade practices of other countries even though those practices don't violate rules.
Lol, the US has a birth rate above 2.0, and the reason stated? Complications with race, poverty, and more traditional lifestyles. Mull over those reasons.
Scientists find tiger crap is a repellent. Good job. But I wonder, why, of all things, were you studying tiger dung anyways?
Mmmm... Cuba... Home to, if not the best, one of the best medical care systems in the world...
Mudslide in the Philippines. Lots of deaths. It's common. That's why even though 3000 people died, it's not front page news. Try not illegally logging hillsides. Then maybe the landslides will stop.
Bounties have been but on Danish cartoonists by, um, some Muslims. All you have to do to get a million US dollars, is kill one of them. Then travel to Pakistan to collect your reward. It's funny. The US didn't draw those cartoons, and yet, the riots in Pakistan still involved attacking US businesses. Hm. I wonder what's the average IQ level of the rioters.
The editorial, "Offending selectively", in today's National Post is so right. If the target is the US, then publish all you want. If it's Islam, then no. Doesn't matter if both publications results in riots, being anti-US is much safer. I am, of course, refering to the Abu Ghraib jail photos and the Danish cartoons.
Geoffrey Miller's got an interesting theory as to why we haven't met any aliens. They didn't die in a nuclear war. They got addicted to video games. They're too busy playing Zelda to go explore space. Interesting. It's possible.
Oh the joys of war. Nice try, but you can't win a war with my civ if your invading force consists of 6 units and I have 12 units defending with a 105% bonus. Silly Salidin. Now he's going to lose some cities. I love Marathon speed on Civ IV. Much more conductive to waging war.

02/20/06 21:44
Ouch. Losing a hockey game where Canada didn't score any goals. That... Sucks... But at least we managed to get gold. Now the men's team better not screw up.
Hm. Bird flu's spreading. We're screwed.
Lol, religious activists have been trying to stop the opening of a Wal-Mart in Guelph, Ontario because they think it'll violate the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. What about my right to shop?!?! I demand my everyday low prices!
We've been discussing what makes a good leader for a bit in English class. Well here's my view. A leader is someone who can influence a large amount of people without the use/threat of force. The larger the amount and the more influence he/she can wield, the better the leader. Whether that leader is a good person or not or whether the paths they take their followers down is good or not is irrelevant to whether that person is a good leader or not.

02/24/06 22:33
Ack, still haven't installed Flash MX yet. I hate doing Flash stuff, it always looks crappy, and when making it, things go wrong.
Got killed on the physics test, but at least I think I did well on calc test. I think.
I got 89.8% on my bio test. If I had gotten an extra half mark, it would've been above 90. But I didn't get it. ATP is a final product of the electron transport chain dammit! No arm wrestling!
The federal Conservatives still haven't made any big mistakes yet. Let's see how long this countinues.
So a couple of Canadians are stranded in Havana. Big deal. The editors of the National Post must have been high on something yeseterday. This story doesn't deserve to be on the front page, let along the biggest headline. They're rich, sailing on a US$2.5 million yacht. Screw them. :p
I guess RIM couldn't handle all the negative publicity involved with their patent dispute.
What's the lesson from the 50 million pound bank robbery in Britain? Don't work in a bank. Or even for a bank. And stay away from the security systems.
The Bolivian Foreign Minister doesn't read books and gets his knowledge from reading the wrinkles of his ancestors. What an odd country, letting a lunatic, well, moron, be their Foreign Minister. Oh, well, that's the world we live in.
More problems for the subs we brought from Britain. Now they suffer from lead contamination. Do you think they're trying to get even with us for scamming them out of Canada and all our vast amounts of natural resources?
Sectarian violence in Iraq! High chance of civil war! What else is new? This means more articles about bombings and whatnot in the newspaper. Less work for newspaper writers then, as then they wouldn't need to look really hard for stories.
South Dakota's close to an abortion ban. This shows how much influence religious views have on the U.S. these days. In case you don't know the answer, it's a lot. And it'll increase here too with the victory of the federal Conservatives. I'm hoping it won't increase too much.
The UN is so useless. It's just a big hole sucking in money and time. Their Human Rights Council is now going to be even worse than before. Now countries that have UN sanctions against it can be on it. That's smart. You have sanctions against a country because they're behaving badly, and yet you let them participate in a human rights council when they're most likely one of the biggest abusers of human rights. The new council will have 45 seats. 12 to Africa, 13 for Asia which includes the Middle East, eight to Latin America, 5 to east Europe, and 7 to "West Europe and Others Group" which includes Australia, New Zealand, and Israel. Do you see a problem with this? I do. Most of the countries in the world with the best human rights track record have to fight for 7 seats, while the countries that have the greatest human rights abuses get 38 seats. So here we have a council where the majority of the countries on it are ruled by outright dictators or people who rig elections. This council is guaranteed to turn into a bash-fest of the US and Israel, as you'd expect the UN to do since they pass anti-Israel denunciations, er, resolutions, every year anyways (which Canada supports).
Mike Pankhurst's letter makes an excellent point, one I hadn't thought of before when I read the article by Jeremy Sale about how he thinks there's a parallel between shouting fire in a crowded theatre and publishing the Danish cartoons. (He's against it because both of them cause deaths) There's no parallel between the two cases. In the case of shouting "FIRE!" in a crowded theatre when there isn't one, it is clearly illegal as people will act on their instinct for survival and stampede for the exits, crushing some poor people who were too slow or tripped or something. The reaction to the cartoons however, is purely a religious one. Let's apply Sale's rules to, say, the theory of evolution. If we subscribed to his rules, then we'd have to stop talking about the theory of evolution if some people decided they were going to riot and kill people everytime someone trys to show how the theory of evolution is true. David Roy's letter puts the same idea across more bluntly, but I won't say how he puts it.
George Jonas has an interesting, and I think, good viewpoint. Abolish political correctness. But that's not going to happen anytime soon now is it?
Hm. Sleepy. Will watch Farenheit 9/11 tomorrow morning then. Then a brisk walk to the library to return it, and grab more books to read.
My page stats got reset! At least the counter numbers weren't lost. Hm. One page view at 2200h today. Operation system Mac OS X. Gee, I wonder who that could be. You missed this post by an hour and a half.

02/26/06 15:48
Damn... My counter got reset. Oh well.
I finally got my hands on a copy of Fahrenheit 9/11 from the library. It was... Interesting... Funny thing, that big web of interconnected people... It's too bad the library doesn't also carry Fahrenhype 9/11. I'd like to watch that one too. Guess I should go work on my comp sci assignment now. Stupid flash...

02/27/06 21:07
Lol, soccer star Beckham, struggled with a school math assignment for his SIX year old son! A bit too many bumps to the head I think!
Damn it Nortel! Don't drop, my portfolio is counting on you to rise! At least Apple fell and Dell went up =P

03/13/06 22:18
Damn it, just lost half an hour's worth of typing. I'm too lazy to retype it. I just basically rambled on about some games I've been playing (Finally completed Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Old Door today, took 29 hours 47 minutes, no walkthroughs or tips), griped about school work, the usual stuff. Oh, and I added two books to the book list.

03/13/06 22:23
44 page views since Feb 7th, that's pretty good. Now if only people would look at my book list more often and actually read those books. And sci-fi does NOT suck!

03/14/06 15:06
I really should update the quotes page... Too lazy though.
According to BBC news, the US and UK have been guarding a Palestinian jail. They withdrew and Israel stormed the jail to prevent the release of certain militants. Violent protests erupted. Deaths and kidnappings. Burning stuff. The usual. Because the US and UK left, after complaining of lax security measures, and informing both sides many times that the monitors were about to be withdrawn. PA protests the withdrawal and called it a grave violation of agreements. My question is, why were the US and UK supposed to be running PA jails in the first place? It's not their jail. Oh yea, one of the militants captured by Israel, he was elected to parliament this year. We can tell voters were really smart and informed.
Wtf, LTTE still not banned yet. Damn politicians.
It's dangerous to be a teacher these days in some areas. A teacher assistant was stabbed 10 times in school in Birdtail Sioux First Nation, Manitoba. I wonder how many teachers will countinue to teach there, and why. Maybe the pay is good, though I doubt it.
I started playing Sim City 3000 again today. I'm going to try to make a small environmentally friendly city. Miniature map size. So far so good, got a 2k surplus in my second year without any deals, little pollution and crime, but no mass transit yet.
16 mil for Rick Mercer's Liberal-leadership kit. Lol, I love his show, it's too bad it's airing time means I never get to see it anymore. He had to withdraw it off eBay to avoid the 240k sellers fee since the people who bid wouldn't have actually paid for it. What kind of idiot would actually bid on it with no intention of paying anyways? What if the deal went through? Then they'd have to declare bankruptcy. Silly morons.

03/15/06 21:18
The Senate was made appointed for a reason. Don't mess with it.
Check out some of my Sim City 3000 screenshots, I'll have them up in about half an hour.

03/16/06 21:18
Can't decide what topic to do for physics project. So difficult to choose.
Just found out about live bookmark thing in firefox. Cool.
Just had a really fun game of Civ IV online just now. Cultural vic for me :) The diplo, time, and space vics were disabled. I wiped out Rome with a mass of axemen and spearmen, but that was okay. The guy rejoined and took over another civ of someone who had left. Near the end, the nukes flew between me and my rival as it was really close as to who was going to get the vic. Lots of fun. Nukes are always fun to use.

03/21/06 21:08
Bleh. Nothing really interesting in the news lately. So repetitive. I hope something good comes along soon.
I finally beat Tasnim in a calc test :) Go me.
Oh right. The thing with iMac now being able to run Windows. Here's what Microsoft should do. Release a patch that only works on non-Apple computers. After a couple of weeks, release a virus that attacks any computer without said patch. That should drop iMac sales >=)
Hm. Site statistics say that more than 80% of the people who visit this site use Windows NT. How... Odd... I think Yahoo needs to look at its code for the site stats again.

03/23/06 16:38
Grr.... Lost 12.5% on a comp sci test because the student teacher said my code was way too long. Everything else was perfect in the program though...
I just played 2 rounds of Starcraft during lunch today, which I easily won. I don't know what Adam's doing, but some how he destroyed my first barracks and an scv at the very beginning of the game, yet still lost in a rush. That's 4-0 :) My favourite one of today was the second game, Small Divide. I lifted my barracks over onto his side and started pumping out marines and forced him to another location. Then I used seige tanks to shell his new base. Finally wiped out his third base with wraiths. Oh, and lifted barracks over to third base and built marines, just for the hell of it :) Lunchtime today was FUN!
Haven't read the newspaper yet today, which is unusual as I usually read it when I get home after school before going on the computer. But, whatever. I'll read it later.

03/23/06 22:41
Bah, turtles are slow and will live longer than me. Down with turtles! Join the anti-turtlist side!

03/25/06 11:15
I just wanted to say that I fully support the Canadian seal hunt. It is a necessary economic activity for people living in the poorest parts of the country, and activists against the seal hunt are only making things worse by pressuring gov'ts to implement bans on Canadian products and negativly influencing public opinion. They're also unfairly using images of white harp seals in their campaigns as the hunting of whitecoats has been banned since 1987. I also object to them having people, such as Paul McCartney, petting and getting close to the white seals as part of anti-sealing campaigns since I'm pretty sure you're not supposed to do that with wild animals. The seal hunt is not inhumane, as studies by the gov't have found 98% of the seals to be killed in a humane manner and are working on ways to increase that number even further. 2% is not a big deal as I'm sure when people kill chickens and cows they have an even lower percentage. Don't forget, lobsters are boiled alive, and when you buy live fish at the supermarket (the Chinese ones anyways, I've never bought live fish from a non-Chinese supermarket), they too are clubbed to death. The seals are also NOT skinned alive. Seals possess a swim reflex that is still active after death, so it only looks like they're alive, when they're really quite dead. The seal quota is determined through a sound conservation plan, which has been very successful. Current harp seal populations are triple what they were in the 1980s. I think that activists should concentrate on other things, like species that are actually endangered, or preserving the rainforest, or campaigning against foreign countries destroy our fish stocks by illegally fishing on our continental shelf.
Oh, and another thing. Those peace-activists in Iraq are frigging retards! Some of them went into there before the war started to voluntarily serve as human shields in Iraq. Frigging assholes. Then they go and get themselves kidnapped, one of them found tortured to death, and so the military has to risk their own lives and launch a raid to free them. Fricking retards. I think the military should have done nothing and leave them with their equally retard captors.

03/25/06 18:18
Argh! Stupid video card! Savage: The Battle for Newerth has been made freeware. And I can't play it! It says it needs OpenGL 1.2, and I've only got 1.0 I think. Or 1.1.0 or something like that. It says go to manufacturer and update driver, and I did. But it still doesn't work. I think it has something to do with the fact that my video card isn't compatible with XP. Like my printer. And other stuff. Oh well. Back to civ IV. Am about to crush Americans and Aztecs for declaring war on me. Then Spainish and French for demanding tribute from me. Then I win :)

03/29/06 18:23
Hm, what's new. Well, Jen-Wei just killed me in Starcraft yesterday. If he hadn't spread his buildings out so much I would've won. Damn his drones. I launched a battlecruiser/marine attack on his base, which meant my base had nothing in it. As I was wiping out his main base, he launched an airborne assault right into the middle of my only base, and, well, I got greedy. I didn't send back the bcs until it was too late as I thought he hadn't expanded, so, I got wiped. At least it was a close game. I think.
I'm using Sympatico right now, and let me say this, I hate it already. I don't know how big the files it installed on my computer are, probably small, but it didn't let me choose where to install it, so I think it put it on my tiny C drive when I wanted on the D drive. Asses I tell you, trying to use up all my C drive space when there's so little as it is. I'll be back to using 1st Access in 3 months because Sympatico's too expensive (I'm getting 3 months free). For the trouble of canceling and reactivating my 1st Access account I get a new modem, a splitter, several filters, a USB cable, an Ethernet cable, and a telephone wire. Not bad. Now, if only that free photo printer would arrive soon...

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