2002 Student Film

The 2002 Student Production Group poses for a class photo with some of the LF Advisory Group, in the "white room" studio, at Sheridan College (Ontario, Canada ) May 2002

Who was involved?

Assistant Director Richie Mehta looks on while Student Producer Kalpesh Patel makes final adjustments to the IMAX Mark II Camera-4; just prior to shooting a scene in the hallway of the Sheridan Campus Residence. Ron Hurst and Mark Bethune are in the background.


LF Advisors Ron Hurst-(L) and Brian Black-(R) look on as Student Producer Kalpesh Patel checks the framing for the last shot of his short film, "One Night In My Dreams..." Mark Brenzil is pulling focus.


"...a year of my life in a can!..."

Student Producer Kalpesh Patel during an audio production session, in the LF mixing studio, at Masters Workshop in Toronto. (July 2002)

All Photos Copyright ©2002 Gord Harris

The LF Project

The LF Project develops training and other opportunities for film students, through accredited film schools which offer short courses or modules in Large Format (LF) Media.

The main goal of The Project is to recruit and support a Student Producer who is willing and able to develop a Large Format short film or audio presentation that is useful to the LF industry. To meet this end, The Project will create and execute Research and Development efforts.

The LF Project is supported by the LF Advisory Group; an informal alliance of LF industry filmmakers and other professionals who recognize the value of mentoring a Student Producer.

On October 4, 2002 a group of film students from Sheridan College (Ontario, Canada) successfully produced and exhibited a dramatic short film at the 2002 GSTA Conference in Toronto, Canada.

A year later on September 21, 2003 another film student from Ryerson University (Ontario, Canada) successfully produced and exhibited a performance art short film at the 2003 GSTA Conference in Glasgow, Scotland.

Based on these experiences, the LF Advisory Group is developing a set of principles and guidelines (a doctrine) for student participation. One of our goals is to help LF industry suppliers and service providers make more efficient use of their resources when helping students with their LF projects. This doctrine will eventually be endorsed by the LF industry and its supporting institutions.

Currently at the rough draft stage, the Guidelines For Film Students encourages students to: (1) produce a PSA or promotional trailer that serves the needs of an exhibitor or, (2) produce a LF audio presentation that can run during intermissions or, (3) produce a LF short film that can be used as the "opening act" for a LF feature film in distribution or, (4) produce a sequence for a LF feature film in production or, (5) re-develop an older LF feature for a new release.

The LF Advisory Group is developing relationships with LF producers, distributors and exhibitors and their supporting institutions to help qualified students meet these goals.

Also included is a section for educators who want to add a LF module or short course to their existing curriculum. This approach would provide film and broadcast professionals with the opportunity to gain LF media training and work experience, on a part-time basis.

The Education page will also carry information of interest to broadcasters and film festival organizers.

Please keep in mind that the LF Project and all of the pages on this website are a work-in-progress.


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