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Kenny Rogers
Tiger Woods Welcome to Portraits by LeMans. These portraits on the first page are the most recent ones I have done. Some are just a few days old. On the following pages are some of the portraits I have done over the years. Feel free to browse through and look at my drawings. If you want me to draw your portrait or to do one of someone you know, the information is provided. 
Enjoy !!!!
Dunc Strang     
Tom Hanks
Shelby, Dustin & Deven
Lady Diana
Larry "LeMans" Lemmon
Mom & Dad
Billy's Girls
Billy's Girls Portrait in Color
Billy's Girls Portrait in B&W
Your portraits don't have to come from the same photo. I can take a subject from two or three different photos and put them onto one portrait. I can also do a collage... that is three or four poses overlapped on the same portrait
Portraits are 50.00 per subject on A4 (8x10) or two on a page for 75.00..... 20.00 per additional subject.
75.00 per subject on 11x14 or two on a page for 100.00.... 30.00 per additional subject.
For larger than 11x14 add 20.00 per subject. Contact me by e-mail if you have questions or special
To order, send photo(s), general layout instructions and payment by check or money order to:
Larry Lemmon
30 Forrestal Street,
Edzell Woods, Brechin, Scotland, UK DD9 7XG  Phone 01356-647182