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So...I'm LaTina Steele, and  I am currently going for my PhD in Marine Science through the University of South Alabama, which is affiliated with the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.  Translation:  research is a big part of my life.  As a matter of fact, I make a 5.5 hour drive every other week in the name of science.  So I'm going to a huge beach vacation city in Florida... that's just the sacrifice I have to make in the name of science ;)

And here we have the coveted NHL trophy - the Stanley Cup - seen inside the St. Pete Times Forum in December 2004 - I did not touch it (I'm not really a Lightning fan, so it would have felt wrong...just let the Flyers win it, and I'll kiss the thing).  Chad didn't touch it, either...and he is a Lightning fan...shame on him.
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A glimpse into the world of LaTina Steele - Marine Science grad student, hockey lover, collector of random quotes, seagrass ecologist, music enthusiast.
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Me with my husband, Chad, at the St. Pete Times Forum in Tampa, FL.  We went there in Dec. for an AHL game...Philadelphia Phantoms vs. Springfield Falcons.
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Random Quote of the Day
"Promises come and go, just like fashion sense."
~Stroke 9, "Liar"
Random facts about me
I dig Adam Sandler movies (except Punch Drunk Love - that one just didn't do it for me).  I'm also a fan of Rob Schneider.
Green Day is my favorite band.
More insightful quotes
I hate the cold...I will never move to a place where it snows...but I do love hockey.  Ironic, eh?
I am an over-achieving slacker.  Translation:  I like to get A's by doing as little as possible.
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I have been crowned the Queen of Procrastination
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Ice Pilots #14 Chris St. Jacques signing my game-worn jersey
Hockey -  my favorite pastime
The Pensacola Ice Pilots are my favorite hockey team.  They won the Brabham Cup (ECHL regular season championship) for the first time in their history in 2005.  Too bad the 2205-2006 season turned out to the "the season we do not speak of."  I have high hopes for next year.
This is the Pensacola Ice Pilots' Chris St. Jacques (#14) signing my  game-worn jersey from the beginning of the 2004-2005 season outside the Mississippi Coast Coliseum.
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Destin, FL (March 2005)
Greenville, SC (April 2005)
New Orleans, LA (May 2005)