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Rancho Mi Estrella
Formerly The Lazy IDH Paso Fino Ranch
Dedicated to the careful selection of quality mares and stallions for the breeding of naturally gaited Paso Fino Horses for Trail and Pleasure...
Our Stallions
Welcome, Frankie - Ojos Azules de Dante!!  Thank you, Ron and Tonia Colburn for this wonderful stallion!
Rojo Tejas
Ojos Azules de Dante -
Perlino Stallion
Our Mares
Artificial Insemination
Our Trainer
We offer many color choices, from Pinto and Palomino, dun, and red dun, to your traditional solid colors such as bay, gray, chestnut, and black! See our 100% color producer, Ojos Azules de Dante, perlino Paso Fino stallion.  We also offer Pure Puerto Rican bloodlines so rare today!
Email us:
811 Molasses Road
Dale Texas  78616
Phone: (512) 398-6084
We offer on-site horse training, horse sales, stallion services, and artificial insemination breeding services! We welcome visitors!