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Leader Support Groups

to refresh,  help with focus,  and broaden vision.

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Selected by the President's Advisory Board on Race
as a Promising Practice to improve race relations.

Leader Support Groups are being organized in Saint Louis,
Missouri, USA by Kevin L. Chestnut.

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The City of Saint Louis is 97% African-American on the northside and 90% European-American on the southside. Of the several hundred leaders I've interviewed here, 98% say St. Louis is the most divided metropolitan area they have ever experienced!
(See Facts for Leaders .)

A leader is anyone who is working with others to help improve the community, not just someone in a formal position. A leader's activity may be through a school, congregation, neighborhood, political issue, or perhaps within the family.

A Leader Support Group is a set of 10 leaders active in the City.....

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Most people who apply want to.....

(Here's a one-page article about the program)

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"Seeing others' courage is heartening, which builds my courage."

"After I come here, I feel refreshed, focused for the month to come."

"I got so much out of it, so many ideas I can apply in my own life!"

"We have more in common than society would have us believe."

"I appreciate just talking off the top of my head and not having to defend
what I say. To sit and listen is very freeing to me."

"No matter whose situation is described,
we have the same basic problems, obstacles, and possibilities
in motivating ourselves and others. We're all in this together!"

"It's fascinating to hear different perspectives, how others do things, and to see where I fit in."

"I am deliberately working at diversity by participating."

"This group gives me a time of peace, reflection, and empathy with others.
It's good to know that EVERYONE feels frustrated at times
and in the same way as I am."

(More extensive comments here)

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Rainbow Line


Rainbow Line

Contact me!

by phone at 314-772-8350;
by mail at 3859 Cleveland Avenue, Saint Louis, MO 63110;
or through e-mail at building(dot)respect(AT)gmail(dot)com

A full account and history
of the program's development will be available.
Let me know if you are interested in this.

Special thanks to Diann Burke,
who has given invaluable and patient assistance
in developing this leadership program.

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Kevin L. Chestnut

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