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Welcome to my tech website. My name is Chris Lee and i'm 15 in grade 9 at RCI.I have lived in Renfrew,Ontario since i was born. I love hockey. My favorite team is the Ottawa Senators. I like to bike,play sports and i like fishing too.I also love music. I love hard rock bands like AC/DC and aerosmith and i love the trews and default. I have a cat named jesse and some fish. My website will teach you about the Ottawa Senators and their history and how they have come from an expansion team to a stanley cup contender and also a bit about the players. I will also provide a tech link to Mr.Ferguson's website.


This past semester i was in grade 9 technology class. We did many different projects which introduced us to many different aspects of the world of technology. Our projects were as follows. - Creating name tags - Designing a tower - Designing a beam(bridge) - Orthographic drawings - Technical lettering - scale measurements - Bubble diagram - Functional Programing - 2-D house modeling - 3-D modeling of houses - Barcoding

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