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Here you will be able to find many useful utilities for C

Name Size (KB) Description
22120.ZIP 4 IncBin v1.0
Simple but highly customizable utility convert any binary file into c/c++ array form.
2ASM.ZIP 95 2asm Anything 2 Asm,c,pas Converter
Converts a binary file into a db list, or a C or Pascal array. has a lot of options, and examples for all 3 languages included. Assembler, C, Pascal
ABMAKE14.ZIP 46 Make Utility For C with sourecode

BAT2C21.ZIP 12 Batch file to C file converter
BIN2ART.ZIP 28 Binary To Datafile Converter
Converts a binary file into a c array or into an assembly include file. Two Utilities That Convert Binary Files Into Usefull C and ASM Include Files Coded By Eminent Doom Source Included
This little utility translates a binary file in a useful C structure that can be included in a C source. Source included.
BIN2H.ZIP 10 Binary File to 'C' Header File Conversion Utility (C source)
C_LINES.ZIP 23 C_lines is a program to find some basic statistics about your C
sourcecode. With Sourcecode in C.
CHECK02.ZIP 33 C Syntax Checker for Microsoft Windows (Alpha version)
C-Fast is a C syntax checker for Microsoft Windows. C-Fast is one small step away from being a real compiler: it builds a symbol table, but does not output any object files. It does output a browser file that contains all the information necessary to browse on your project. But that is a separat...
CHK2000.ZIP 761 Check 2000 Version 1.00.000
A tool for checking source code for the potential errors relating to the year 2000 problem. Creates reports. Configurable search strings. 16 and 32-bit versions. Help contains many hints and tips on solving the problem. (Prepared for C/C++ and Visual Basic).
CLEARC.ZIP 4 Clear C 1.1: Format C Source Code with source.
CLPV11.ZIP 19 CLP - A 'C' Command Line Processor, Version 1.1
CLP is a general purpose command line processor for the 'C' language.
CLT167.ZIP 177 CLINT V1.67 - The Ultimate C Source Checking Tool
Is a tool which reads the source files of your C programs, and generates reports about possible problems. As it can look at ALL the files in a program, it is able to report far more than any C compiler can. Use CLint while developing your programs, and you'll be assured of type safe linkage, eff...
CPAR01.ZIP 18 CPAR - C Source Code Parallelizer for MS-DOS
CPAR is a preprocessor to facilitate a simple-minded form of multitasking. With the addition of a few preprocessor statements to C source code, selected routines may be parallelized. Once a routine has been parallelized, it can be executed several times, and will perform a little bit of its job...
CPT.ZIP 13 CPT - C Language Precedence Trainer
A key element in the rapid writing of error-free C code is a thourough understanding of the relative precedence of the 35 C language operators. Only when the precedence of any two operators can be ranked without conscious thought can a C programmer write with efficiency.
CTOPAS2.ZIP 6 C to Pascal program --
Filter to replace C punctuation and certain key words with their Pascal equivalents.
CXT230.ZIP 305 CXT - the C exploration tools!
The C Function Tree Generator (CFT) and the C Structure Tree Generator (CST) are powerful program development, maintenance and documentation tools. They provide the programmer the ability to analyse the C or C++ source code of applications, no matter how big or complex they are. CFT and CST are ...
0 Development Assistant for C 4.0
Development Assistant for C (DAC) is an integrated development environment (IDE) which supports the development and maintenance of embedded software written in the C and assembler language.
DFMAKE.ZIP 32 DFMAKE v1.0 - Datafile Maker
Lets you access multiple datafiles from one big file. DFMAKE is a small utility for joining a number of files in a unique BIG file,and giving access to each of the old little files contained in it. This is PUBLIC DOMAIN. With C sample code.
EMBED21.ZIP 12 Embedtxt is a "c" programming technique for hiding text
information within your program in such a way as to make it more difficult for "hackers" to alter it. aLthough embedtxt is not fool-proof, it does provide a good way of protecting your programs from the normal attempts made by those who want to change your program, be it, copyright notices, conf...
EXEVALC.ZIP 39 This package contains the complete source code for an .EXE file
validation system that can be used in C and C++ programs. Using this system you can make it more difficult for people to tamper with your program's executable file. This can be of benifit to prevent users from altering copyright notices, copy protection schemes and other information stored in yo...
54 Flower
Reads C source code and writes three reports to stdout: functions and which functions they call, functions and which functions call them, and a call tree. Includes C source.
FORTIFY.ZIP 22 FORTIFY - Release 1.0
Fortify is a fortified memory allocation shell for C and C++. It is capable of detecting memory leaks, writes beyond and before memory blocks, and breaks software that relies on the state of uninitialized memory, and software that uses memory after it's been freed.
A companion for Borland's MAKE.EXE and TLIB project management tools. Provides features missing (or buggy) in Borland's MAKERSP.EXE tool. GENRSP creates response files to aid in compiling projects from the commandline. Can be used within MAKE to generate response files on the fly. Contains full ...
GVHDEBUG.ZIP 76 GVH Logging and Debug library v3.0
Super 32-bit logging and debugging tool for C/C++ developers. Decreases development time significantly: no more slowly stepping through your program. Use macros to write information to a logfile. EXTREMELY POWERFUL: optionally duplicate the debug info REAL-TIME to a scrollable window. Suspend/re...
INC-Pro III is a coder's utility to convert a binary file to an ASM, C/C++, GEMA, QuickBasic or Pascal include file. The point of this being that you can include data inside an executable instead of reading from external files. Example uses of INC are for including: - Tables (ie. Sine tables, He...
KADFILE.ZIP 15 Datafile Appending EXE
Tutorial on appending datafiles to your EXE'S. With C sourcecode
33 LinkList - is a graphical explanation
Of link lists and pointers, and their usage in C program
15 MAKEDEP - Dependecy generator for MAKE with C source
Is a short program than generates dependencies of C or assembly files. This program is usefull when you work with a MAKE which cannot check dependencies
MSR304.ZIP 224 MEASURE source code metrics and quality analysis tool usable in
MS-DOS systems. This version of MEASURE (v3.04) can process C, C++, and Ada source code.
PAREN.ZIP 10 Checks for parenthesis errors in C progs
Several common bugs in C language programs are not flagged by the C compiler (cc) and static analyzer (lint). Some versions of lint flag some of these errors. Paren helps to find some of these common errors.
TESTMN1.ZIP 129 TESTMAN processes a text file containing test case descriptions
and generates a single source file that when compiled exercise your C/C++ code and check conditions you specify. Failures are recorded and are listed in the output of the executable.
94 TEX (Text Encryptor for eXecutables) v2.50
TEX is a program who allows you to make the text of your programs (in C or C++) invisible in the executable file, that's mean that the texts inside your programs can no longer be edited with a simple hexadecimal editor ! TEX make your texts created directly at running time, so there is no more v...
VIZCBB.ZIP 351 VizAcc C++ Formatter 1.0a
VizAcc C++ Beautifier/Formatter is a source code formatter for C/C++. Have you ever worked with a library or someone's else C or C++ code? Why don't they re-format the code according to your style? Now you can use the source code formatter the professionals use! It features numerous format and opera...
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