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ISO Standard for C (C9X) - final committee draft

What is C9X?

C9X is the name for an effort undertaken in the late 90's to produce a new improved standard for the programming language C. An ISO committee has been working to define this new improved language. In december 1997, they released their first public draft version of the new standard for public review. Later, they also released the C9X FCD (final committee draft).

What is new in C9X?

Many changes have been made to the C89 standard. These include 5 new keywords (not all of which are lowercase!), new header files, some older header files modified, some clarifications to the syntax, etc.

Read C9X final committee draft

Click below to read the final committee draft. Note, the standard is actually quiet different from the draft but the two are very near in content hence both should be considered genuine and reliable.

C9X draft