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OK No Mercy fans here's the CAW's (create-a-wrestler) to update your game to the present. Whenever a new wrestler shows up in the WWF come here to get your update. These CAW's are full templates with ALL moves. There is also a 6-page printable version, if you want to print out the caws, to download on your game later or give to your friends that don't have a computer. Use and update them to your liking. Have Fun!!!
        *** Ohhhhh Noooooo it's the nWo... i got em***


 Big Show
Yoshihiro Tajiri
Jerry Lynn
 Scott Hall
 Hollywood Hogan
 Kevin Nash

Click HERE for hidden Wrestlers

 Booker T
 Diamond Dallas Page
 Billy Kidman
 Hugh Morris
 Sean O'Haire
 Shane Helms
 Buff Bagwell
 Chuck Palumbo
 Chavo Guerrero Jr
 Mark Jindrak

 Mike Awesome
 Lance Storm
 Spike Dudley
 Rob Van Dame
 Tommy Dreamer
 Justin Credible

 Bubba King
 Jake Fury
 Mad Dog Steele
 Mike O'Dell
 The Commander
 The Prince
 T Money

 Big Show
 Justin Credible
 Jerry Lynn
 Yoshihiro Tajiri

You can tweak and tune your wrestlers so they can compete at higher levels. defense/offense and fighting style are a good place to start and replacing some grapple moves with stronger moves helps too. 

***Malenko retires***
It's here, my new Wrestling Updates page. Wanna get wrestling news fast? Then this is the page for you, no popup ads and downloads fast. Give it a look.
Load up Stealth and see how he does aganist your CAWs. With WCW wrestlers being seen every week I am trying to get out as many CAWs as I can, so if you don't see a CAW then it's probably coming.  Be sure to check out the Wrestlemania 2000 CAW page too.

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