Season Three:
Lew Adams: Dan Martin
Rene Daumier: Denise Virieux
Ron Nakamora: Denis Akiyama

Father and Son (045) W: Pierangelo Levi  D: Peter Rowe
Nick Carvelos: George Touliatos, (Lydia Zelenka?)Terry Tweed, Tim Gammon, Jeff Grantham, Sammy Lo: Oscar Hsu, Darryl Palmer, Burns Proudfoot, Miss Perna: D'Janet Sears
Hank is shot breaking up a fight. He later finds the men were partners in a scheme to sell a valuable stamp. Hank tries to adopt Stevie and is given a hard time by the officals because of his job and because he's not married.

Love Me, Love My Dog (046) W:   D: Don McCutcheon
Caroline Raymond: Carolyn Dunn, Carlos: Santino Buda, Rachel Kast, Cliff Woolner
Hank falls for a detective he meets on a drug case, but she's allgergic to dogs.

Friendly Persuasion (047) W: Lionel E Siegel  D: Peter Rowe
David Butler: Wayne Best, Mr Trevor: Robert Morelli, female accomplice: Lynne Cormack, Darren Andrew, Stan Coles, Robert Galbraith, Dennis: Brian Kaulback
An old friend of Hanks comes to town, but he doesn't tell Hank he's being chased by thieves that he was formerly partners with.

Skyscraper (048) W: Avrum Jacobson  D: Alan Simmonds
Wellsley: Linda Griffiths, Frank Moore, Det. Logan: Chuck Shamata, Marvin Karon, Christopher Menard, Glenda Richards, Dennis: Brian Kaulback
A man becomes obsessed with blowing up the woman who bought out his demolition company.

Kidnapped (049) T: Marlene Matthews  S: Alison Reid   D: Clay Borris
Al Redmond: Garwin Sanford, Sharon Redmond: Rachel Blanchard, Marty: Barry Kennedy, Steven Andrade, Bonnie Beck, Tommy: Fab Filippo, Elizabeth Lennie, Kimberley Myles, Dennis: Brian Kaulback
When a girl Stevie likes is grabbed, Stevie stows away to rescue her. Her father has kidnapped her in order to get to know her better, but his partners, are planning on holding her for ransom.

Count Your Blessings (050) W: Martin Lager&  D: Don McCutcheon
Boswell: Geraint Wyn Davies, Peter Edwin Jones: David Ferry, Dr: Janine Manatis, Sam Aaron, Chris Gillett, Joe Griffin, Nicki Nakamora: Heidi Hatashita
A car dealer is involved with a sports car theft ring. Ron is shot and paralyzed when he tries to stop one of the robberies.

It's A Dog's Life (051) W: Avrum Jacobson  D: Alan Simmonds
Maurice Godin, Ron Rubin, Trevor Bain, Jeff Grantham, Devin O'Brien
Rudy's tracking of a couple of snipers has them trying to kill him.

A Day in the Country (052) W: Tony Di Franco  D: Don McCutcheon
Jonah Coldwater: Raoul Trujillo, Hazel Coldwater: Monique Majica, Richard Fitzpatrick, Chris Benson, Peter Ferri, George Houston
Hank and Stevie's trip to the country involves Hank in the search for a man living as a wolf.

And The Winner Is... (053) W: Charles Lazer  D: Clay Borris
Rick Lowry: Doug Silberstein, Donna Blair: Cyndy Preston, Al Logan: Chuck Shamata, Len Carlson, Nancy Cser, Sandra Larson: Kymberley Huffman, Jeff Knight
When the winner of a beauty pageant is murdered, Hank is set up to take the fall.

Playing With Fire (054) W: Laurie Pearson  D: Roman Buchok
Brandon Ryan: Michael Rhoades, Tony Ryan: Nathaniel Moreau, Pamela Ryan: Caroline Yeager, Stewart Birk, Beth Bovaird, Ron Byrd, Desmond Campbell, Heather Cherron, Derek Keurvorst, Terry McNichol, Burns Proudfoot, Buddy: Stuart Stone
A man takes advantage of his stepson's record of setting fires to get rid of an accomplice.

On The Take (055) D: Jesse Collins
Alan Murley, Michael McKeever, Steven Andrade, Doug O'Keefe, Marc Worden, Larry McLean
Rene and Hank suspect Lew of being on the take, but find out he's part of an undercover sting. Stevie's failing algebra score threatens to put in in summer school instead of on the pitcher's mound and he struggles with his conscience when his teammates urge him to buy the answers to an upcoming test.

Endangered Species (056) W: Martin Leger  D: Rob Malenfant
Nelson Beck: Lawrence Dane, Michael Hanrahan, Kenner Ames, Allen Stewart-Coates, Glenda Richards
A wealthy man is getting wild animals from the zoo to use in big game hunts. When Hank and Rene investigate, they are abducted and Hank becomes the target of the next hunt.

Hard Choice (057) W: P B Gordon & Tony DiBarco  D: Rob Malenfant
Jeffrey Baker: Clark Johnson, Carol Baker: Janet Bailey, David Baker: Richard Chevolleau, Steven Andrade, Lin Armstrong, Stan Coles, Alexander Karzis, Brian Kaulback, Grant Nickalls, Richard Zeppieri
The father of one of Stevie's friends is hooked on cocaine. After getting clean, he helps K-9 bust a dealer.

Smokescreen (058) W: Laurie Pearson  D: Roman Buchok
Graham McPherson, Laura Graham: Eve Crawford, Bret Pearson, Larry Reynolds, Jim Millington, Vladimir Bondarenko, Tricia Clarke, Alexa Gilmour, Joel Gordon, Lee Marshall, Sunny Thrasher, Scott Wickware, Julie Wildman
Stevie and a group of students stage their own abduction to try to force a polluting company to shut down.

Heartburn (059) W: Angelo Stea & Peter Lauterman  D: Don McCutcheon
Louis: Damir Andrei, Logan: Chuck Shamata, Sandy Crawley, Derek Boyes, Brian Kennington, Farzad Sadrian, Alec Stockwell
While Hank and Rene investigate the theft of nerve gas by an international ring, Rene's old partner and boyfriend shows up. He takes Rene hostage so he can get the gas out of the country.

Number One With A Bullet (060)
Carol McCarney, Hamish McEwan, Gerry Salsberg, Catherine Bruhler, Beth Bovaird, Dick Callahan, Maureen Cassidy, Kirk Dunn, Charles Gray, Dennis: Brian Kaulback, Anthony Young
The girl who sang back up with Hank's band in college is now becoming a star, but her business partners are being murdered; she's convinced she's next and turns to Hank for protection.

The Fugitive (061)
Eric McCormack, Barbara Law, Peter Langley, Thom Allen Bell, Johnie Chase, Michael Coupland, Gary Fruchtman, Robert Kennedy, Robert Keppy, Cathy Kinsman, James Knapp, Louise Lupo, Derek Mitchell, Nancy Sakovich, Leah Salomaa
Rudy tries to intervene when a man pushes his wife over a railing. The man tells people Rudy attacked them and is responsible for the woman's death. As the city searches for him, he follows the man home and gets evidence that the man killed his wife.

Spring Fever (062)
Thomas Hauff, Nicholas Van Burak, Joseph Scorsiani, Shanya Vaughan, Vince Basile, Marc Daniel, Sara Holmes, Soloman Okalow, Sean Roberge, Demetri Thorne
Groups of teens are 'swarming' kids at malls to rob them. Stevie and the girl he likes are swarmed while on a date. The girl is more impressed with Rudy than Steve.

Over The Hill Gang (063)
Harry Berlin: Bernard Behrens, Sandy Webster, Cec Linder, Kay Tremblay, Marilyn Boyle, Tracy Connell, Doug Hughes, Brian Kaulback, Cathy Kinsman, Edward Leefe, Martin Matinuzzi, Michael Ricupero, Ingrid Vanderwater
When an elderly bank robber is arrested, his two equally eldery partners try to break him out, and get arrested themselves. And the city's decided to sell K9 headquarters and move them in with harbor patrol, the furnace is malfunctioning and a pushy realtor is showing prospective buyers around.

Double Cross (064)
Victoria Snow, Dan Lett, Arlene Mazerolle, Jack Creley, Len Doncheff, David Gardner, Dennis: Brian Kaulback
A couple steal a religious icon, only to be told by their antique dealer partner that it's a fake. They take Rene and the icon's owner hostage to force them to hand over the 'real' icon. Meanwhile, the antique dealer has made a deal to sell the real icon back to the church it was stolen from.

36 Hours to Kill (065)
Ray Slick: Martin Doyle, George King, Roger McKeen
Hank catches a bank robber con-artist who wants to make a deal by giving the money back. He and Hank go after the money. The French meal Rene fixes for Stevie is less than he expected.

Cops and Robbers (066)
George Sperdakos, Joe Norman Shaw, Gerry Quigley
Hank is abducted while he and Rene are checking out thefts at an electronics firm.

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