Season Two:
Lew Adams: Dan Martin
Rene Daumier: Denise Virieux
Ron Nakamora: Denis Akiyama
Mrs Chan: Jackie Richardson
Norma Dell'Agnese
Buddy: Stuart Stone
Sgt Callahan: Peter MacNeill
Nora Grant

Freeze (023)
Stephen Black, Robert Morelli, Michael J Reynolds

Hot Under the Collar (024)
Alan Jordan, James Purcell, David Nerman, Trevor Bain, Santino Buda, Nathaniel Moreau, Chris Mann, Buddy: Stuart Stone
Rudy goes undercover

A Family Affair (025) D: Al Waxman
Mr Katts: Jan Rubes, Mrs Katts: Susan Douglas Rubes, Lawrence Bayne, Scott Spidell, Al Bernado, Anthony Audin, Ho Chow
Lew is attacked. Hank's mom & dad want to take Stevie to live with them. When they tell Stevie, he runs off to find Hank who is trying to lure the guys who hurt Lew. Hank sends Stevie home. The attackers spot Rudy and lock him in a van. Stevie has come back lets Rudy out. Meanwhile, Hank's dad has been studying the pattern of similar attacks and figures out where Hank is. His parents arrive just after Rudy saves Hank.

12 Cops and a Baby (026) W: Michael Zettler & Shelly Altman  D: Clay Borris
Terri Hawkes, Mr Gordon: Richard M Davidson, Ron Sarosiak, Micah Barnes, Michael Beattie, Roger Dunn, Pauline Gillis, Rod Hofferman, Christina Kaufman, Brian: Brian Kaulback, Lorraine Landry, Michael Perrolta, Al Therrien
A baby, an upset bride and a jewel theft keep the K9 unit busy.

Decoy (027) W: Michael Zettle & Shelly Altman  D: Clay Boris
Det Logan: Chuck Shamata, Paul Hubbard, Laura Bruneau, Trevor Bain, Howard Kruschke, Brian Furlong, John Curtis, Christina Marie Kaufman
Rene joins the K9 unit to observe and goes undercover to find a serial killer who meets his victims walking their dogs in the park.

The Gun (028) W: Michael Zettler & Shelly Altman  D: Al Waxman
Michael Rudder, Denise Fergusson, James Kidnie, J R Zimmerman, Roy Lewis
The gun that killed Stevie's father turns up and when the police have to let the owner go, Stevie takes Hank's spare gun and goes in search of him.

Lost and Found (029) W: Avrum Jacobsen  D: Al Waxman
Alf Humphreys, Michael Caruana, Benjamin Barrett, Marlow Vella, Jeff Grantham, Trevor Bane, Ray Landry, Cathy Kinsman, Dick Grant, Alex Laurier, Madeline Atkinson
Rudy is laid up with a bad knee. Hank shoots an armed youth, but the boy's gun is picked up by a kid who sees the shooting, leaving Hank in serious trouble. One cop offers him a gun to plant and IA wants him to take a plea. The boy who picked up the gun shows it to a friend, who fires it into the air. They throw the gun into the lake and run off. Lew and Rene locate the boy and Rudy finds the gun.

Double Exposure (030)
Eve: Laura Robinson, Jeff Grantham, Allan Stuart Coates, John Bayliss, Tricia Williams, Branko Racki
Robberies are done by one twin while the other gets close to Hank.

A Killer Among Us (031)
Mark Warden, Lindsay Merrithew, Deborah Lobban, David Healey

Officer Down (032)
Dale Wilson, Ella Joycer, Dr Jane Quinn: Ann-Marie MacDonald, Tommy Earlls, Philip Williams

Jail Bait (033)
Lenore Zann, Claudette Roach, Diana Hollingsworth, Peter Van Wart, Santino Buda, William Croati, Roger McKeen, Diana Roland, Maggie Huculak
Rene goes undercover to get close to a cop killer's girlfriend

Mistaken Identity (034)
Peter Krantz, Stever Mosseau, Kay Howtrey, Shawn Ashmore, John Vallis, Carey Shearer, Boyd Coons, Caroline Lamb

Don't Drink the Water (035)
Muray Crunchley, Richard Fitzpatrick, Elias Zarou, Malika Mendes, Alex Fallis, Buddy: Stuart Stone

The Chameleon (036)
Jim Bearden, John Friesen, The Chameleon: Francois D'Aubigny, Steve Pernie, Craig Eldridge, Liza Hocura, Thomas Anderson-Baker, Rick Riding, Billy Cody

Day of Jeopardy (037)
Catherine Disher, Maurice Godin, Peter Snider, Markus Parilo, Mary Harvey, Jefferson Maupin
Hank has to transport a secretary who's going to testify against her former boss

A Ride Into Danger (038)
Daumier: Nicolas Vogel, Dalfort: Jean Paul Solal, Francois Montagut-Remi, Steiner: Serge Feuillard, Gerard: Gerard Manzetti, Hassan: Pierre Mourad Mansouri, Ahmed: Fouad Njeim
Rene is kidnapped while on a bike ride with Hank and Stevie.

Diplomatic Immunity (039) S: Elizabeth Baxter T: Angelo Stea & Peter Lauterman D: Denis Berry
Daumier: Nicolas Vogel, Dalfort: Jean Paul Solal, Serge Feuillard; Louba Quertchikoff, Nabil Massad, Fouad Njeim, Pierre Mourad Mansouri, Alexandra de Cluzeau, Genevieve Omini, Janine Manatis, Francois Levesque, Serge Ruffin
While Hank, Stevie and Rudy visit Paris with Rene, her father is shot. Rudy tracks the shooters to an embassy, but miscommunication allows them to escape. Hank sets out to find the men and show just what the K9 units are capable of.

The Grand Hotel Caper (040)W: Avrum Jacobson     D: Jean-Pierre Prevost
Callahan: Peter MacNeill, Lydia: Catriona McCall, Brennan: Michael Morris, Robert Barr, Mary Beth McFadden, Bertie Cortez, Sarah Eigerman, Carol Anderson, Suzanne Andrews
Hank, Rene and Dan go undercover to solve a series of thefts in a hotel.

Scent of Evil (041) S: Claude-Michel Rome  T: Angelo Stea & Peter Lauterman  D: Dennis Berry
Nicholas Hawtrey, Philippe Loffredo, Waguih Takla, Jean Pierre Granet, Dalfort: Jean Paul Solal, Valerie Necheva, Michel Motu
When a perfume is stolen and a security guard is killed, Rene is assigned to investigate.

Lost Dog (042) S: Olivier Mergault  T: Laurie Pearson  D: Paolo Barzman
Jacques Vincey, Ben Feitelson, Jesse Joe Walsh, Brigitte Boucher, Dalfort: Jean Paul Solal, Louba Guertchikoff, Janick de Lenclos, Tanguy Goasdoue
Rudy pursues a man after a theft and gets lost in Paris.

Desperate Sunday (043) W: Avrum Jacobson  D: Roman Buchok
Betsy Soo, Von Flores, Bill Lake, Drake Arden, Daniel Dion
Rene and Callahan are held prisoner by members of a Chinatown money laundering gang wanting their property back.

Fatal Obsession (044)
Brent Stait, Griff Lewis: Chris Potter. Scotty McKnight: Betty Kennedy, Michael Rhoades, Richard Sali, Christina M Kaufman, Catherine Swing
Griff Lewis is an actor who's latest production is being threatened. He stays at the Katts' while Hank tries to find who's behind the threats.

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