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Manila Aikido Club  Headquarters
Since 1963
Dojo Address: # 649 Quezon Blvd. Corn. Esperanza St, Quiapo, Manila Tel.# (632)5669650 Site MAP
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Handled by Manila Aikido Club under
Chief Instructor Manuel N. Camar
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What is Aikido? Aikido Lessons
Aikido Attacks, Throws Techniques Translation
Diverse Aikido Techniques.
Aikido Exercices
Procedure for student applicant;
1) Filling of application form.
2) Registration.
3) Tuition fee.  (Optional)
      a) Daily practice fee P70.00/Session.
      b) Monthly practice fee.
      c) Lifetime membership fee.
For regular student:
1) Issuance of membership card P900.00
2) Issuance of lesson card.
3) Grading examination fee.
Schedule of Classes; Every Monday up to Friday
6:00 pm. to 8:00 pm. Sundays 9:00 am. to 11:00 am.
Sensei Claro Lavado
2nd Dan Black Belt Aikikai,
Sensei Roy Ballesteros
2nd Dan Black Belt Aikikai,
Sensei Mel Ramos
4th Dan Black Belt Aikikai,
Sensei Darwin Pascua
1st Dan Black Belt Aikikai,
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Words from O' Sensei Uyeshiba; "It is important not to be concerned with thoughts of victory and defeat. Rather, you should let the "KI" of your thoughts and feelings blend with the Universe!"
Sensei Lenie Leonita
2nd Dan Black Belt Aikikai,
Sensei Arnel Palikpik
2nd Dan Black Belt Aikikai,
Sensei Alex Padilla
2nd Dan Black Belt Aikikai,
Manila Aikido Club YouTube.Com Courtesy of Dongaleb (ArtHills)
Shihan Omar Camar & Ssei Adjong Barro Uke YouTube.Com Courtesy of JB Ponce Sensei & Kisshomori
Sensei Jose Dundee Santos
1st Dan Black Belt Aikikai
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MAC Headquarters
Richard Manabat Sensei
2nd Dan Black Belt Aikikai
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Mississuaga Aikido Club, Agrinsan Website
Shihan Manuel "Omar" N. Camar
Video Sample: Most Common Attacks.
Ssei Richard Manabat (Nage) Photo Debut '95
Ssei Roy Ballesteros (Nage)
Sensei Rene Tejor
1st Dan Black Belt Aikikai
J.B. Ponce, II Sensei
Black Belt Aikikai, PNP/PNPA Co- Instructor
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