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 ***Marilyn's  NOLEN  Ancestors*** 
Santa Clara Weather
The NOLEN Family from Dublin, IRELAND
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Pierce Noland (progenitor)
b.    in Dublin, IRELAND
d.  in IRELAND
"One Heart One Way"
Pierce Noland, Sr.
b. 1654/58 in County Mayo, IRELAND
d. January 20, 1715 in Stafford, VA

Stephen Noland I

b. 1682 in Charles Co, MD
d. March 7, 1732 in Charles Co, MD
Mary Connell abt. 1704 in Charles Co, MD
b. 1685 in Charles Co, MD
d. 1747

Stephen Noland II

b. 1714/18 in Charles Co, MD
d. 1780/89 in Fairfield Co, SC
Susannah Smallwood abt. 1745/1750
b. 1725
d. 1790 in Fairfield Co, SC

Stephen Noland III

b. 1753 in Frederick Co, VA
d. October 26, 1846 in Stroud, AL
Mary Smith abt. 1775
b. 1755 in Fairfield Co, SC
c. January 20, 1829 in Butts Co, AL

James Nolen

b. 1778 in Camden Dist, Fairfield Co, SC
d. June 28, 1864 in Chambers Co, AL
Barbara Addison abt. 1800/1802
b. 1780 in South Carolina
d. in Alabama

John Richard Nolen, Sr
b. October 11, 1812  in Fairfield Co, SC
d. August 22, 1870 in Greensboro, MS
Elizabeth Mary Lukins in 1844
b. 1827 in KY
d. 1868 in Greensboro, MS

James Thomas (Jim Tom) Nolen

b. December 21, 1853 in Greensboro, MS
d. September 1, 1928 in Greensboro, MS
Ella Brantley
b. February 8, 1861
d. 1923 in Memphis, TN

Ernest Lee Nolen, Sr.

b. April 16, 1882 in Denton, TX
d. October 30, 1960 in Memphis, TN
Margaret Ellen, "Maggie" Smith
b. September 30, 1884 in Newell, IA
d. March 30, 1963 in Memphis, TN
John R. Nolen, Sr.
Ella Brantley
John R. Nolen, Jr.
(Jim Tom's brother)
Jim Tom Nolen
Diggs Nolen
(Ernest's brother)
Ernest Lee Nolen, Sr.
Maggie Smith
Ella Brantley's Boarding House
in Memphis, Tennessee
Jim Tom & Ella had four sons and one daughter.  Their first son Claude Hunter died at age 12. Their second son was Ernest Lee and their third son was Henry Diggs.  Their only daughter was Elizabeth Lukins "Lizzie".
Maggie & Ernest NOLEN had eight children raised in Memphis, Tennessee.

Ellamarie -- 24 Feb 1912 - 16 Oct 1999
James -- 28 Jun 1917
Ruth -- 2 Jun 1919 - 18 Apr 1997
Claude -- 10 Jul 1921
Henry -- 1923 - 8 Jul 1937
Ernest, Jr. -- 7 Sep 1925 - 27 Jul 1973
Marguerite -- Living
Betty --  Living
Ella, Diggs, Ernest & Maggie
standing in the back
Lizzie sitting in front.
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