Terry residents of Onondaga--           

  George Washington*
 and wife,


Charles Clark*

George Henry*

Horace Walter*




  Ida *


  Albert Taylor*

  Marion Iris * 




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 The Courthouse 
at Mason, Michigan,
county seat of Ingham County

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INGHAM CO. LOCATIONS I knew growing up.....

         Memories of childhood visits to see my great aunt, 
         Nettie Van Vlerah,  who lived in Kinneyville 
         in the 1940's. "Recollections of a City Kid" 

         People listed to the left with *  have photographs. 

 EATON RAPIDS--My mother was in the graduating class 
       of 1921 at Eaton Rapids High School, a year the school
       did not have a yearbook.  My folks sold out in Eaton Rapids 
       and moved to Charlotte (in Eaton Co.)  around 1920-25.     

 On a research visit in 1992. standing at  the front  entrance of the Eaton Rapids High School where  my mother,  Marion Terry,  attended.

LANSING--We lived at 2227 Forest Avenue from 1942 and I went to      
      Maplewood Elementary and  Walter French Jr. High. My mother worked
       at Fisher Body and my Dad at Olds before WWII,  when both factories
       were converted to do defense work for the war effort. 

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       My Michigan Ancestors Who Served in the Civil War & Links to other Civil War sites 

    French-Canadian Genealogy
   10 generations of my French-Canadian Arbour line from Gaspé here   


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 "They came to St. Joseph..." 

A click below will  take you to my new site featuring my Vincent and Shimmel kinsman and allied families  who came  from Jefferson Co., New York  to St. Joseph County, Michigan. Some were Pioneer settlers of Michigan.  There are over 700 names in this data base.   

Site contains, old letters, tombstone photos and biographies of these Pioneer settlers of the "new territories"  that opened before Michigan became a state in 1837.  

Click here to visit "They came to St. Joseph..."       Photo:  Langley Covered Bridge, St. Joseph Co., MI


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