Princess Margarita and Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn

Marguerita and her husband Edwin de Roy van Zuidewijn

Personal information

Margarita Maria Beatriz de Bourbon de Parma, Countess de Colorno, is born 13 october 1972 in Nijmegen, the Netherlands. She has a younger twin-brother Jaime.

She is named after her god-mother and aunt Queen Beatrix.

She grew up in Madrid, Spain, and after her father was not allowed to enter Spain anymore (by Franco), they lived in Paris, France. When her parents divorced in 1982, she lived with her mother, brothers and sister in Soestdijk, not in the palace, but in a villa just accross the street.

In 1996, her father gave her the title Countess of Colorno, which is by royal decission part of the dutch nobility.
Her brothers and sister got other titles.

She studied antropology in Amsterdam, and worked as an interior designer. She had a quiet life, as she was hardly reckognized being a princess.
a snapshot picture made in this time
In Amsterdam, she also met Edwin de Roy van Zuydewijn.


The civil wedding took place on 19 june 2001 in Amsterdam, with only a few family and friends. It is not know which family did attend this wedding.
The wedding in church took place 22 september 2001 in the Cathedral Sainte-Marie of Auch in France.
the cathedral of Auch
They have choosen this city in departement de Gers in France, because they have bought a castel in the neighborhood.
the castel
the castel
The "château du Bartas", in Saint-Georges, used to be owned by Frédéric Castet, director at Dior in Paris.
Some pictures of the wedding:
the couple the couple
the guests
Some of the guests: (left to right) prince Constantijn, princess Carolina, princess Laurentien, prince Jaime, prince Carlos and the mother princess Irene

Other information

Edwin worked for ABN-AMRO, and had his own company Fincentives.

After meeting Edwin, Margarita got problems with her family. She had several meetings with Queen Beatrix about it, and also contacted the prime-minister at that time Wim Kok. This was also seen by the fact that few of her family went to her wedding in France, even her father did not attend. Her mother princess Irene wore the same clothes, she wore at the wedding of Constantijn and Laurentien.
On this wedding (Margarita and Edwin were both present) Edwin was not placed on the picture of all the grandchilderen with their official partners. Margarita comletely disappears behind the brother of Laurentien.
Margarita, and her husband, were also not invited to the wedding of Willem Alexander and Maxima.

After several attempts to solve the situation, she contacted the press to make the story public. This leaded to 4 big interviews in the dutch weekly magazine HP de Tijd. See this cover:

The Netherlands
Princess Irene and the siblings of Margarita