Pokémon SS

Also, with the addition of some content in the character bio section, I feel obligated to put up this "warning" of sorts, so I'll say it now. This fic contains shounen-ai, which is a fancy Japanese way of saying that the two main, male protagonists like each other (the words translate into "boy-love"). Now, this isn't apparant until later in the fic, it doesn't dominate the story, and there isn't anything above a PG rating in that regard, but the last thing I need is some parent ranting at me because the two characters happen to be male. If anything, the actions taken by Team Rocket are the only thing that would be objectionable, but I'm covering my own butt here. Y'all go on and have a good time.

Oh, and the next time you take a step into my head for these rambling thoughts, wipe your feet off first. My mind's dirty enough without your help. ;_;

NOTE: All chapters are in .doc format because it's easier for me to simply split my huge, 900+ kb master .doc file into new chapters (copy a chapter, ctrl-n, ctrl-v, save) than format into HTML while saving formatting. Maybe later I'll make .html files out of these.

Pokémon SS is also commented sparsely on Marril's even more sparsly updated LJ, which is accessible here. Note: Some minor language and whatnot, but nothing you won't see on primetime TV.

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