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Nestled on a side street just of the Carven Way is the well maintained Tavern: owned by Sinathalicnolas Clantonilis also rumored as an owner and operator of The Weapons of Tyr. The tavern is now for being so well maintained and clean and relatively safe for a 'working' class bar. So well kept that even nobles are know to frequent the establishment. How do you know if you found the Tavern? Besides the voices of costumers and the bard's lute? Well it is the only tavern with two torches framing the door, that are always lit while the tavern is open.

The Tavern is frequented by many a travelers that rumors abound some much in fact that Sinatha is rumored to know to much of what happens in the world and even more of what happens in the city. Although this is his Tavern if you came here to find him; you probably won't. Sinatha is commonly away on 'business'. When he is town, during the day he is usually found at the Weapons of Tyr making his 'specialized bows'.

Well step up to the bar and see what they are serving!!

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