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The Mars rovers, MER-A (Spirit) and MER-B (Opportunity), have been a tremendous success. Once again, a NASA mission has sent back images and information which are changing our view of the universe. But, in this case, the discoveries are so amazing that the MER science team at JPL can hardly beleive what they are seeing. In fact, they do not beleive it. Several startling images show what appear to be fossils on Mars. There are multiple distinct cases for biogenic artifacts, imaged by BOTH rovers. While scientists around the world are busy analyzing the data and no doubt preparing to publish these findings in peer reviewed scientific journals, rumours of everything from crinoids to parking lots have been circulating on the net. The MER science team have further compounded the problem by stubornly refusing to adress this issue head on. Clearly, the images being sent back to Earth are amazing, but the silence about their implications is deafneing. Have we discovered life on another planet, even if it may have disappered ages ago?

The goal of this web site is to provide an open but moderated forum to discuss various theories pertaining to specific features discovered by the Mars rovers.

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The Martian Crinoid
Spirit Shell Fossil


Spherule Database

The Rotini

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Analysis of a the potential for Argentea Dorsa in the southern polar region as a colonization site candidate.

Argentea Dorsa

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