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Voices, Inc.
is a support group for those suffering through the workers compensation system in Florida and nationwide.
--Founded by Beverly Haire in 1996--

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VOICES, Inc. Disclaimer

We are disappointed that he failed to do so.

Governor Crist,
The injured workers of this state need your help. The workers compensation system in this state is already inadequate. To think you would allow our state legislature go against a Florida Supreme Court Ruling seems to me incomprehensible. Our legislature has thumbed their nose at the Supreme Court with HB 903. While this bill may stand up for a short period of time in you don't veto it, we all know it will be once again overturned and ruled unconstitutional by The Florida Supreme Court. In the mean time the only people who get hurt are once again the workers of this state.
It is not fair to allow the insurance industry unlimited resources to defend against legitimate claims while restricting the claimants attorneys to the small fee the legislature has designed to make it harder for claimants to get adequate representation.
Everything in the comp system is slanted to benefit the insurer and make a very unfair playing field for injured workers.
It can be shown in the DWC study that as soon as the 2003 law went into affect that denials by the carrier went dramatically up. We all know this was because carriers knew injured workers would not be able to find adequate counsel. And many injured workers could not find adequate counsel during this time.
VOICES Inc., asks you to seriously consider the consequences for injured workers of this state, if you don't veto this bill. Please help us. It seems no one else will.

Mary Bailey

VOICES, Inc. offers its condolences to the family of Sen. Jim King, one of the good guys, who left us too soon.


Injured workers of Florida - HEADS UP!!

Getting the run-around from your carrier??

Contact the
Employee Assistance Office
EAO’s toll free line (1-800-342-1741)
EAO email address: wceao@myfloridacfo.com

Florida statutes provide for assistance to injured workers through the EAO.
The services provided are free.
The EAO is a part of state government and is in NO way connected with any insurance agency.
It is an impartial state agency staffed by state employees, dedicated to help injured workers with questions and disputes regarding the workers comp system.

EAO can do such things as assist you with a Petition For Benefits, with getting doctor appointments including specialists, as well as getting indemnity pay, transportation, attendant or home home health care, and any other type benefit provided for under comp law.
The EAO has become very effective in getting these types of benefits, but
if the EAO is unable to get legitimate benefits that are due under the law, then the injured worker's only recourse is to get an attorney.

More options for finding legal assistance may be seen on the links page of this site.

(Tip: Remember the name of the person you call at EAO and try to deal with the same person each time you call.)


Listen to We Are The Voices,
composed and performed by Richard Berman, Esq.
Many thanks for his contributions to and his heart for VOICES

Research Brief on Effects of SB 50A (2003 Workers Comp Legislative "Reform" Bill) Announced

The Division of Workers' Compensation is pleased to announce the publication of its first research brief.
This research brief focuses on the effects of the changes to the compensability requirements in SB 50A, which was the 2003 workers' compensation legislative reform bill.

The Division plans to issue future research briefs on some of the key provisions in SB 50A to determine their effect on Florida's workers' compensation system.

The compensability research brief can be accessed at the following link:

Legislature 2009

Letter to Legislature about SB 2072 - Mary Bailey

Another Letter to Legislature about SB 2072 - Mary Bailey

Adequate Benefits - Equal Representation? - Mary Bailey

Please Veto SB 2072 - Mary Bailey (see first article on this page)

Voices Amendments
Tell me something I haven't heard before - letter to legislators
Repeal SB 50 A (2003) - letter to legislators
We Can't Wait - letter to legislators

SB 2416 - The Comp Bill offered by VOICES
Talking Points 2009
Carriers Win; Workers Lose - a reality check

SB 2416 - The Comp Bill offered by VOICES

Settling Your Claim and the Medicare Set-Aside

What To Expect At A Deposition

Things To Know When You're In The Comp System

Florida statutes on workers comp - Chapter 440 ;
Medical section - 440.13

Summary of SB 50A,
The 2003 Florida's Workers Compensation Bill -
an astoundingly bad piece of legislation
(except for the insurance industry)

What Can We Do To Cause Change?
Comments from Mary Bailey

Misconceptions About Comp
26 wrong ideas about injured workers or the system

What You Do In The Name Of Insurance
An open letter to lawmakers which spells out the costs that Florida law will not allow to be recouped, thanks to Exclusive Remedy

Florida DFS Fines Workers' Comp Carriers,
Self-Insured Plans More than $875,000 for Violations July 04

What is the Human Cost?
A provocative essay by Mary Bailey

Injured after 10/1/2003? Read this!       

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