Dear Birthmother,
Hello, I am Martine, from Charlotte (NC). Your courage and generosity for considering adoption for your child is impressive. I am honored and happy that you are considering me to parent your child. I have strong hopes and faith that, together, we can create a beautiful future for your child. I love children and I have always been surrounded by them. For a number of years, I have been wishing to become a mother and adoption has become my choice. I am interested in having an open relationship at whatever level you will decide.

My Dream
I want my child to grow in a safe, stable and loving environment where he or she will build confidence and joy over the years, starting with the baby’s delighted first steps towards childhood, the bittersweet teenage years and the continuing growth towards adulthood. I am looking forward to help support and guide my child with emotional maturity, loving family support, and a strong financial situation. I will be so delighted to share my life and my good fortune with a child!

Please be assured and confident that your child will have all my love and attention and that all our lives going forward will be enhanced and shaped by this major decision you are about to make.

  About Me...
I am originally from France and now live in the Charlotte (NC) area. With my international and multi-cultural lifestyle, I travel regularly to Europe and Asia. My wish is to see my child playing with French cousins, American friends and learning the language and customs of my extended family. I am eager to teach my child both English and French and share with him or her an understanding of multiple cultures. I have both strong values and good common sense. My family and friends are very important to me and I welcome their continued role in both my child’s and my life. They say that I have a smiling and warm personality—I hope you will agree they are right and that I can provide a unique, stimulating, and rewarding life for your child.
  Let's Talk...
I would love to hear from you! Please, call me at my toll free number 1-888-715-0502, or send me an e-mail at I appreciate that this is a very difficult time for you and that the choices you are making are extremely brave but hard.  You can learn more about me and open adoption by contacting the Independent Adoption Center at 1-800-877-OPEN (6736) or by visiting their web site at
  With all my heart and support,




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