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DeviantArt.com is now my favorite website behind RadioReference.com and this very collection of data on this vast expanse of binary and electronic signals. It has become the depository that I've been searching for to place my photography in without sacrificing resolution or file sizes, and without limits on file space. As such I will be linking up all large scale photos to the ones located on that server, and my photography section, along with the scanner section, will begin to expand, to the point that I may separate the two into two separate mini-sites, so that I can keep things from getting cluttered on one server. I've been planning a reworking of the graphical side of things for the future, in that I will redo the menu at left, and will rework the basic layout. Content will not change beyond that, and I will also incorporate CSS at that point in time. For now, this is all. Check out my DeviantArt.com section at http://factorone33.deviantart.com/ and see what I have in the gallery.

BW(FO) out.


Okay. I've cranked out a lot of work the last couple of days. The scanner section now has a complete basic coverage of Kansas. If you want a complete Kansas archive, hit up RadioReference.com, since they're building the mother of all scanning archives on the internet. The old KS/MO Scanner Journal now seems to be getting defunct anymore, since Daniel Keane is busy as hell, and I haven't received an email from him in months. The site is also starting to go by the wayside. The old KS/MO archive is still there, but barely. Some of it's information is starting to age, though for the most part it's still accurate. I keep up on it occasionally when Radio Reference doesn't have anything. Also, the KCMO EDACS section is complete, though it is now the guinea pig for a new format for the scanner pages. That should debut soon, and the rest will be converted over afterwards. I'm working on the Colorado section now, and it should be up within a matter of a day or two. The Lincoln, NE page will also be up later on.

BW(FO) out.


Wow. I've really neglected this. Considerations are in place for reducing some of the content on this site to just scanning info and photography, and just leaving up current web projects for the hell of it. I'll be moving this site into a CSS format so it's easier to setup new pages when I need them. Ultimately I want to buy a domain and some server space (like, one GB so I have photo room) so I can setup a PHP or ASP driven site for my photography and scanning information. Also, concerning scanning, I'll be posting some new content besides frequencies for that; whatever it is, I'm not sure yet, but I have some software and links that I can provide.

I the mean time, this is all that's new.

BW(FO) out

06-07-04 - Stalling...

Well, it's been since March since I even hit this place for an update. School is evil, I need to update much of this site and then add the things I need to. I forgot to upload this page last time, so it'll seem like a giant update (though it wasn't).

Added this time around:
--More scanning information, as well as some corrections to current info
--Photos (provided I can find a place to host them)
--Racing update
--Bio update

Basically I'm finishing this up for the summer, and I'll periodically add to it as the months fly by until my scanning archive is relatively finished (it will never truly be "complete" in a sense). Expect this site to move to a standalone domain and server in the near future, as I'm anticipating buying my own domain name and moving to a server with a helluva lot more space and features. I've also decided to nix the issue of PHP, since I'm no longer an INT major and thus have nothing to gain from it (except useless knowledge). For now, this is all on this page.

BW(FO) out

03-09-04 - Moving Along...Slowly

Crimony. This is taking forever. I have time to work on this, but damn, it seems like I either forget or I'm just too lazy to get around to it or I'm burnt out on web work for the night/week/whatever and I just don't want to. I finally got my Phoenix/Fiesta Bowl photography finished up in Photoshop and those should be up this week (mom, dad, you can finally see the fruits of my cheesy labor while on the way down). I finally moved into a bigger room up in Hays, so I can actually stretch out while I'm working, which tends to make things go slower or faster, depending on the day, time of day, and other factors (work ethic, etc.).

Anyways, I remodeled the Real Drums website (www.realdrums.org) recently, so it is much better than the previous one. It seems as if the Airport Raceway website is slowly being moved over to new management, though the people in the club won't give me a straight answer on what exactly is going on with that. In the mean time, keep up with it, though there's not much more to keep up with. 

Things are looking less and less like normal, as my racing situation is pretty much all but not there. I'll be lucky if I race once a month it seems. But on the other hand, I'll have money for school next year, which is a plus. 

In the mean time, that's all I have for now. I suppose I'll have more constructive things to talk about later on.

BW(FO) out.

01-22-03 - A New Beginning

The new site has been launched. The homepage is up, and I have been creating my directory structures within the site. I'm afraid I may have to outsource more space for larger files, which realistically may not be too hard to do with Geocities. 15MB isn't very much anymore.

I recently just got done with the official site launch of Real Drums.org and it has gone really well. A few hangups here and there (including a not-so-great server crash the day of the launch), most of which were easy to resolve (if you count sitting on a phone with tech support for the server provider for an hour easy). Eventually I will go in on a domain name and a provider to actually give myself some flexibility with my site designs. I would like to eventually move over into a PHP-driven site that looks similar to this, without actually having a huge format to follow (Penny Arcade is a good example of what I'd like to do). Just hopefully I can get to know CSS a litter better between now and then (and I can eventually find time and money to fork over the expenses for such a task). CSS just makes things sooooooo much easier.

Anyways, that is all for now. I plan to archive my posts here, so I'll have that up later on down the road. For now, the links at the left really don't go anywhere, I just have the image map setup for now. The only exception will be the contact page. All others will give you just a blank page.


BW(FO) out

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