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5/29/04: Wow. Um... hi everyone! *waves* I'm SOOOOO sorry that I haven't gotten to update this site in 4 months! I feel terrible about it! I'm really sorry, I've been pretty busy. But anyway, a new layout should be coming up soon, and I'll get around to updating "Advice from the Marauders." The backlog is terrible... not even funny. 144 unread messages. *_* I'm sorry, but I won't be able to update them all, so if your question isn't answered when I finished, that means that it was a repeat. ^_^ The only update for now is in the "Polls" section... new Sirius quiz. I was going to make LJ icons, when I realized that I had a few actors in mind for Sirius, and I couldn't pick just one. After I get a significant amount of votes for that poll, I'll start on a James, Remus and Peter look-alike polls. ^_^

1/24/04: Hey! New layout, hope you like it. I like it. The other one was nice, but had no effects, and was really boring to look at. XD Anyway, I did a ton of blends, and I updated the "Suggest a Prank" Song, and "Advice from the Marauders." I didn't add to much, but rest assured, if you're question/anything isn't up yet, its in my ten paged of unadded stuff in Microsoft word. @_@ Yes, MAJOR backlog. Please try to hold off sending in to many questions for "Advice" until I get through the backlog. And please, PLEASE try to spell things correctly. It's annoying when every other word is spelled wrong on some thing. And try to limit the "chat talk," such as "u" "r" "l8er." It looks really unprofessional, and I don't have the time/attention span to go through each response and spell things right for you guys...

1/16/04: This the the fourth time I've updated this site consecutively... XD Anyway, new stuff in... you guessed it... the Graphics section. Made 3 Marauder blends! And added NINE other blends... *coughgeekcough* Also joined two cliques called Fugitives and a Remus Lupin one. XD

1/15/03: *sigh* I added two new blends in the "Graphics" section (blends are at the bottom of the page). I'm really getting addicted to it, now... ~_^ Made new links for said blends... and I'm slowly putting up a code on each page that when you hover over one of the picture links (links, fanart thumbnails, wallpaper thumbnails...) the linked picture blurs... kinda hard to explain, but its pretty cool. XD

1/14/04: Even more new graphics, yet none are HP related... *smacks self* XD

1/13/04: Added three new Non-Marauder related Wallpapers, and two small banners in the graphic section. I attempted to change the layout, but I can't seem to get the damn tables to work, so I think we're stuck with this one for a while...

1/12/04: Hey! I did indeed "spruce up" the banner. Doesn't look much different, but that's alright. ;) I also added a new background. Um, one new wallpaper done my me, and I added a new section called Graphics! ^_^ Please send in anything you have for that section. And I will soon be adding some non HP-related wallies and graphics to said section, just 'cause I'm a geek and I need a place to proudly display my attempts. XD

1/12/04: Wow, brand New Year, huh? XD Anyway, updated the "Ask the Marauders" section, "Songs of the Marauders," added two reviews to me fic "To Enrage a Teacher," and added a few more responses to "Pranks." The banner is rather bland, so I think I will try and spruce it up a bit soon. XD Also, I'm thinking about putting up some non-Marauder related wallpapers up in the wallpaper section, and I think I shall. XD Oh, and don't worry if something you sent in is not up yet. I still have 31 unread messages of submission stuff lying in my Inbox, and I'm going to bravely venture and open all 31 of them. O_O

12/31/03: Like the new banner? From left to right the actors are: Christian Slater as Peter Pettigrew, Leonardo DiCaprio as Remus Lupin, Johnny Depp as Sirius Black and Freddie Prince Jr. as James Potter! (Thanks to Sara for the idea of Freddie as James in the "Actor" section. :D)

12/31/03: Merry late Chrismas! I wanted to put up a Christmas layout, but I fifn't have time to. :( Sorry I haven't updated in a long time... busy holidays. ;) Didn't update too much today... though there was an update to "Ask the Marauders" and "Pranks." I only added a few responses, as I have over five pages worth in Microsoft Word, and I don't have the time to answer 'em all right now. O_O I have a layout, and I'm going to be working on it at various times today, so the site may be acting a little wacky. Also, an important note about the "Ask the Marauders" section. Please do not send in any more "Wormtail betrayed you, here's the proof..." type messages. You may still express your hate for the rat, but please no more of the Azkaban betrayer things. They're repetitive and really hard to answer correctly. I also won't be answering any questions that have already been asked. Thankee. XD

11/10/03 I've added 7 new Fan arts today, and a new fan fiction by yours truly. I also relocated the poll in the "Real Life Marauders" section to the "Polls" section, a new response to Real Life Marauders, and put up a few more quotes. *Takes a deep breath* I also added more responses to Songs of the Marauders, and Advice from the Marauders. ^_^

11/6/03 Hey! I (once again) changed the layout a few weeks ago. I did update some stuff, but it didn't seem to go up *glares at geocities*. Anyway, a short update right now, and I'll try to get the rest done later. New Pranks. Also, a new affiliate, a beautiful site called Come What May.

Advice from the Marauders, A new Prank, a couple new Songs of the Marauders. A few new actors for Real Life Marauders, and a response to the Marauders' Yearbook!
Also, two new affiliates, Up to no good and Padfoot; two awesome sites. XD

> 9/7/03: Hey! Check out the new layout! The little pull down menu at the top (if you haven't figured it out yet) is so you can change the font color to whichever one from the list you want. I love that feature. ~_^ I'm quite happy with this layout... I like the fan art, and I think its very easy on the eyes. (It bugs me when you go to a site, and you have to select the words in order to be able to read it) Well, I've got a couple of new responses for Advice from the Marauders, One prank for Suggest Pranks, and one new for Songs of the Marauders. A new page called Site was made, to hold all the legal stuff, past layouts, and things like that. ;) I know its pretty much utterly useless, but I've made an "Old Updates" page. Ya know, just so you can look at the old updates from the other layout. *shrugs* Oh, and could you guys please sign the guestbook? T'would make me happy. :D

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