Poetry by
Mary Kay Toy

Ready With A Pen  This poem describes how and why I like to write poetry.
Chloe's Gift  A preschool child tells the Christmas story to Baby Jesus.  A true story.
Dear Baby  I wrote this poem in September 2002 in sympathy of a friend's stillborn baby and in memory of my own miscarriage in 1989.
God Scooped Out The Yucky Stuff  A poem for Halloween 2002
Rumble Seat Ride  I wrote this poem after hearing my mother tell of a time in the 1920's when she and her mother rode in a rumble seat and it started to rain.
Under God  This was written in June 2002 when the 9th circuit court judges declared that "Under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance was unconstitutional.
We Are Like Flowers in God's Love  Written during 2002 Bible school for our theme "Growing with God".
Soak Up The Moment  Written for a baby shower.
Autism: Like a Butterfly Life Cycle  I wrote this poem because I work with children who have Autism.  As I saw development in the child, it reminded me of someone coming out of a shell or cocoon.  Finally finding the words to communicate is an awesome experience for them and for me too!
What Is Autism?  In honor of Autism Awareness Month (April)

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